Los Angeles Law Firms Rent Extra Individual Offices To Attorneys Looking For Space With Our Effective Service

LookingForSpace.com offers a service to Los Angeles Law Firms who wish to promote extra offices available for sublease to Los Angeles Lawyers who seek to sublet offices within an operational law firm.  The website matches office space requirements of solo practitioners and small law firms in Los Angeles with available space that has been listed by Los Angeles law firms with extra offices available for sublease.  The law firms with extra space are paid advertisers and they receive all inquiries from lawyers looking for space directly by email or telephone.  Our involvement is promotional – and we offer a number of additional services beyond our standard search engine optimized law office listing, that makes your property more visible to web searchers looking for space.

The benefit is that LookingForSpace.com aggregates the demand for individual shared offices in Los Angeles with the supply of offices offered for sublease by Los Angeles law firms.  Using our service the Los Angeles lawyer seeking a new address can often find a shared law office platform that they can immediately “camp on to”, taking advantage of the infrastructure, furnishings, equipment and services that are already in place and developing an immediate Los Angeles presence without having to go through the logistical expenditure required to set up a Los Angeles law office.  Lawyers looking for space in Los Angeles can view all listings on our website for free, and without any obligation.  They make direct contact with the listing party (advertiser), and arrange the property inspections and subsequently negotiate their own terms and conditions for a sublease.  Here is a listing example in Hollywood:

Los Angeles

Beautiful Hollywood Office - In the middle of it all.

1776 N Highland Ave 2nd Floor 6 Offices Area: 5,000 sq. ft. Price: Negotiable

We match Los Angeles law firms that have extra space for sublease, with appropriate lawyers who are looking for new Los Angeles offices – as well as the shared services that are often provided to lawyers who rent space within a law firm.  But, we do not restrict our listings to individual offices, and larger Los Angeles law firms that wish to shed discrete units of demised space they no longer have a need for can promote the office space available for sublease on our website as well.  We will help you promote any demised unit of space that was purpose built for a law firm, or previously occupied by a law firm.

Our service is inexpensive and very effective.  It currently costs $37.50 per month to place a full page professional law office space listing on Google and Bing, aimed at lawyers who are looking for space.  You can read some recent testimonials by clicking here.  Our clients are extremely pleased with the results they get from listing space on our website, as well as the consistent help and follow up that we provice.

The beauty of the LookingForSpace.com system is that each Los Angeles law office listing gets a full dedicated web page and an instant Internet presence that is optimized to be found by lawyers looking for space on all of the major search engines.  It’s like having a website just for your space.  We provide long, detailed descriptions with as much space data as the sublessor is willing to provide – as well as any number of photographs.  The goal of these vivid Los Angeles law office descriptions is that the parties that contact you are generally very interested in your space and very motivated – because they are well acquainted with exactly what you are offering because of the detail we provide.  You won’t be overwhelmed by a huge number of calls – but the calls you get will be very real prospects for the Los Angeles law office space you are offering for sublease.

Seeking a Los Angeles law office space does not have to be a stressful experience.  Neither does marketing one.  Our objective is to put principals together to determine if the space being offered is appropriate, and the personalities of both sides of the sublease will work together, in the same space, in a harmonious fashion.  LookingForSpace.com gives you a preview of the space – and it is up to the individuals to preview each other’s personality and work habits, which is an essential part of the process.  The sublessor is inviting an unknown entity into their “home”.  The sublessee is taking a trusting leap into new premises.  Our advice to both parties is that a careful and extensive interview before the fact will insure that there are no problems with the Los Angeles law office sublease into the future.  Here is another Los Angeles law office space listing that is Downtown, proximate to the Courts:

Los Angeles

1 - 6 Offices In Downtown Shared Law Suite | One Bunker Hill Building

601 West Fifth Street 1st Floor 6 Offices Room Size: 150 to 250 square feet Price: Negotiable

For the purpose of transparency, we advocate long descriptions, lots of photographs and any other collateral material you can provide in digital form.  We will list it for you in public and insure that it is tagged and incorporated into a search engine optimized web page that will be found by lawyers and other professionals seeking shared office space in law firms or law office suites.  Our business model treats the listing party as the “customer” of LookingForSpace.com, and the parties searching for space as the “customer” of the listing party.  Accordingly, we provide full contact information so the interested party looking for space can contact the listing party by phone or by email.  We do not get involved in the transactions between sublessees and sublessors.  There are no commissions, success fees or other fees.  It is ALWAYS FREE TO LOOK AT ALL OF OUR LISTINGS for law office space available for sublease from law firms in Los Angeles.

And, our office staff is available if you have any specific questions about the process of subleasing Los Angeles law offices or if you need help posting your listing.  We’re always happy to help you out – and if you’re willing to take 5 minutes to describe your space to us over the phone, we’ll even draft the listing and enter it for you.  Please call us at (877) 918 3636 Ext. 101.