Shared Law Office Space For Washington D.C. Attorneys + Small Washington D.C. Law Firms

We provide Washington D.C. law office space listings for solo practitioners and small law firms who are interested in renting a shared law office space from another law firm (or law office suite) in Washington D.C..  Our business to business office space data market introduces lawyers in Washington D.C. who are looking for space to law firms who have extra offices available for sublease – and who seek Attorneys (or other professionals) as subtenants.  The Washington D.C. law office space listing information is presented for free and without obligation.  The listing party pays a modest monthly advertising free to promote the space – and we do not charge commission or any other fees.

This is a professional office space listing service for Washington D.C. Law Firms.  You can include numerous data fields in your listing and be very specific about exactly what you are offering – or you can include less data and make a more general description – which is especially helpful if your situation is somewhat malleable and your office space offering can vary to some degree with the requirements of the sublessee.  We encourage all Washington D.C. listing parties to include as long and detailed descriptions as possible along with an unlimited number of photographs of their office space and office building in Washington D.C.. And, if you are a landlord with rental space built for a law firm, or an Agent representing a law firm subleasing a unit of demised space (or shared space) in Washington D.C., you can also list your availability on our site.  The listing party specifies the contact information, and those contacts receive all inquires directly.

Our observation is that longer descriptions produce better results for sublessors for 2 reasons.  The first is that a longer description of the available office space and the firm that is offering the sublease, and the general environs, seem to get more attention – both from our readers and Google & Bing and the other search engines.  The second is that when a potential sublessee contacts you through our website, they are very aware of exactly what you are offering, and as such the inquiries we produce are very pinpoint specific – if they contact you they are interested in the Washington D.C. office space rental you are offering…not just shopping.

We recently had a “Success Story” with a listing party that operates a full floor suite of offices for Attorneys in Manhattan.  The listing had 13 photographs and 8 paragraphs of describing the facility, the offering, the other tenants in the space, and included details of all of the services offered by the suite.  The law office suite started advertising on November 21.  On Dec 16 the prospect inspected the premises and conducted a negotiation to lease the office space.  The sublease was executed, and the tenancy of the fully furnished office in the serviced law suite began on January 1.  And, while there were only 2 inquiries in that first month the space was listed, they were both high level and very specific, and in fact resulted in the rental of an office (in excess of $25,000 per annum) at a total marketing cost of $75 for a monthly listing in our NYC law office space section.  Not a bad return on investment at all.

Since there is “no accounting for taste” we cannot guarantee your success.  Some listings are just more popular than others simply because they are more appealing to our readers by just being nicer than others, more competitively priced or just better located.  We can’t make up for those differences in desirability.  We can however give you a very good chance, for a modest monthly fee in NYC of $75 – and currently for FREE in the Washington D.C. market, to expose your offering to a very specific audience of lawyers who are looking for space to share in a law firm.

Your Success Is Our Success

Our proposition is simple.  We intend to become the nexus of attention for shared law office space in Washington D.C..  We offer a clear value proposition:  we will do everything we can to expose your office space availability to the marketplace – and to present an easy method for lawyers who are looking for space to find your listing and contact you.  And we’ll charge only a modest monthly advertising fee.  No Commission, No Success Fees – No other fees at all.  You get an instant search engine optimized web presence (a full page Internet listing with long descriptions and unlimited photographs of your space) and you attract pinpoint interest of lawyers who are looking for exactly what you are offering, because you have outlined it and described it completely with words and images.

Please add your listing with our ONLINE FORM.  No credit card is required.  ($75 per month in Manhattan which is our home market and where we currently have very good traction on the Internet….FREE in all other market areas for a limited time).  CLICK HERE to view a sample listing in NYC

After you submit your listing, we will optimize it for the major search engines and send you back 2 links (usually within several business hours).  The first link will allow you to upload photographs directly from your computer to your listing.  The second is a hyperlink that will take you directly to your full page listing.

If you’re in Manhattan, we’ll also send you a monthly bill that you can pay by check or credit card online, or on the phone.  You can cancel or suspend your listing in the first week of any billing period – and there are no long term contracts or other obligations.  We want to publicize your space when you need it promoted – and that is our only interest.  We do a very good job of promoting law office space because Your Success is Our Success.

Please call us toll free at (877) 918-3636 if you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to add your listing over the phone.  And, to reiterate, there is currently no charge for listings in Washington D.C..  When that changes, we will notify you in advance.  There is no long term listing contract.  You can cancel or suspend a listing whenever you wish.

But, enough about that.  Please ADD YOUR LISTING TODAY / or view all listings for FREE!