Strategies For Subleasing Shared Law Office Space In Washington DC

Acquisition or Disposal: Whether you are looking for space for your law practice, or looking for a subtenant for your firm’s extra offices, the first part of the process is locating a good source for office space listing information that is available to the public.  So, for starters, you should understand that offers all if it’s law office space listings for free – including full contact information to contact the sublessor or owner by email or by telephone.  The site’s advertisers (sublessors) pay a reasonable monthly office space listing fee, the potential subtenants can view all of this law office space listing information easily, without obligation and without charge.

Aggregate Demand: Washington DC Law Firms can attract more attention for their office space listings on the Internet by sharing a site that aggregates demand for real estate listings on the internet for lawyers who are looking for space.  When a lawyer (or other appropriate professional) finds a listing that is appealing, they make direct contact with the sublessor (or owner, or agent) that controls the space and is responsible for inspections and negotiation of terms and conditions of a sublease.  Once our Washington DC shared law office space listing site “hands off” the interested party, the principal who has advertised takes care of all other elements of a potential sublease or lease transaction.’s only involvement in the process is promotional.  Other than the monthly listing fee, there are no other costs, and there is No Commission or Success Fee.

For Attorneys who are looking for space, the fact that pools listings from Law Firms from all over the country, not just Washington DC, means they are more likely to find the exact space they are looking for because we not only provide a broad selection of law office space in existing firms, but also separately demised spaces that are for sublease from law firms as well as individual offices in law office suites.  We offer a broad geographic selection of offices available for sublease in law firms and this consequently makes the site even more attractive to Washington DC law firms seeking to dispose of excess space and Washington DC Lawyers who are looking for new space. is a new resource for Lawyers and Law Firms in Washington DC.  As such we are interested in building our traffic to make our site more attractive to the major search engines.  So, for Washington DC law firms who want to list available individual offices or demised space for sublease from the firm, there is currently no charge for our listing service.  As such, we invite all Washington DC law firms with extra offices or office space to list it on our site for free, because we need you right now as much as you need us, and this is a way we can help each other.  We can increase our traffic and you can either dispose of excess law office space or acquire new lawyer’s offices without paying our normal listing fee (which is $75 per month per listing – in markets where we are not running this offer).  Please call our office Toll Free if you have any questions:  (877) 918-3636.  Or, CLICK HERE to add your listing online.