Los Angeles

"We had a great experience using your website to rent three offices and secretarial bays in our Los Angeles law firm suite. We would be happy to recommend your service to anyone in LA seeking to rent office space.
Thanks again for your assistance."

- Sandra Luther | Dummit Buckholz & Trapp


"I've used LookingForSpace.com on two occasions to sublease offices and workstations in our suite. I've met with success both times. The site is user friendly. The cost is very competitive as listings for law firm/business firm space in Chicago Goes. The traffic the site yielded met my expectiation. More established businesses are looking for space online and finally we have a company with a good product to meet the demand for this type of service. I would not hesitate to use LookingForSpace.com again.

-Jeanette Scalise | O'Leary Law Firm, LLC

New York

"This is the second time I used the Looking For Space website. I rented 2 offices in three months. There were at least 12 inquiries before we fully occupied the suite at our full asking price.
The process was very economical.
The website targeted our market of attorneys perfectly
I highly recommend the service.

-Ralph DeSena | DeSena & Associates

New York

"We used Looking For Space to rent 3 offices and 1 workstation. The site was easy to use and they were a pleasure to work with. We received inquiries for our space within the first month. I recommend this site to anyone needing to rent offices and workstations."

-Thomas P. Barone | Sichenzia Ross Ference LLP

Beverly Hills

"We rent a small building and sublease a portion of it to attorneys. For several years we've only advertised on LookingForSpace.com. We previously leased a few offices through leads from your site and most recently we filled up our entire available space (5 Offices + 2 Workstations) to a firm that located us on your website. You have always been responsive to our needs and easy to work with. Thank you for all your help."

-Richard Leonard | Leonard, Dicker & Schreiber LLP


"I have used lookingforspace.com for years to help me lease lawyer space and services in my office building. My listing on the site has resulted in many inquiries and quite a few rentals to attorneys. The site is very affordable and keeps a good internet search ranking. Customer service is pleasant and personal. I highly recommend lookingforspace.com! "

-Ian Inglis | Esq

New York

"Looking For Space is the best thing to hit the legal rental market since virtual offices and remote access. The site is efficient, accurate and producesa lot of interest, usually culminating in a rental beneficial to the landlord and the tenant. Plus, the staff is very helpful.
I highly recommend Looking For Space to both landlords and tenants alike"

-David Scheichet | Scheichet & Davis P.C.

New York

"We immediately had a good volume of qualified leads as a result of placing an ad on your site. I was very pleased with the amount of attention our ad received in the legal community and the ultimate result which was renting all 4 of our offices.
I would recommend your service to small and mid size law firms looking for other attorneys to sublease their space. If we ever have a vacant office again, we'll be back. Thanks again.

-Tibby Blum | Blum & McCann

New York

"Thank you for your help in renting out our available offices…We don't have any more space and that is a good thing…I will certainly be glad to refer anyone that is in need in the future…It has been a pleasure working with you and I would not hesitate to call you again if the need arises"

-Susan Teichman | Hoberman, Goldstein, Lesser, CPA's

New York

"We have worked with LookingForSpace.com for years. They have been attentive to our needs, provided us with valuable guidance and are persistent in helping us fulfill our office sublet goals"

-Jordan Barness | Barness & Barness LLP

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