We Help Brokers Sublease Individual Offices For Their Clients

We’ll help you with the small stuff you don’t have time to deal with – so you can deal with the big stuff!

We specialize in sourcing leads for individual professional offices for sublease or license

If your client has individual offices for rent in their shared office space, we hope you will encourage them to advertise their offices on our website.

This is a "Hands On" listing for brokers.  When prospects inquire about your listing, we’ll send the leads to you (or to your client if that’s what you want).

Principals looking for shared professional offices will contact the party you indicate in the ad.

Our only involvement is to promote the individual offices for rent and send you the leads.

Cancel Anytime

No Commission – Monthly Advertising Fee Only

We’ll Copy You On Any Communication With Your Client



Alternative, Hands Off  Method - We'll Do It For You:

If you don't want to deal with inquiries from small tenants, we can receive and respond to inquiries and set up inspection tours for you, without a monthly fee.  In all locations except Manhattan, we'll charge your client $149 in advance plus an Advertising Success Fee of $750 per office, when rented. 

(In Manhattan the success fee is one (1) month's rent per office when rented.  Listings in Manhattan for brokers include on-site valuation and photography and we'll write and enter the listing for you)

We will only communicate with your client by email - and you'll be copied on everything that goes to your client.  We'll also identify call in prospects and send you an email about them as well - including their full contact information.

Call us at (212) 986-9100 to get your client's listing online or

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