We Help Brokers Sublease Individual Offices For Clients
And Maintain Full Control Of Their Relationships

Your Client is Your Client and we respect that above all.

We’ll Take Care Of the small stuff – so you can focus on the big stuff!

You Can Receive The Inquiries or We Can Respond To Them For You

New York City, Long Island + Westchester County: Refer To Cases 1-3 Below.



Case 1::  "Monthly Fee Only" listing where you receive the inquiries

In this case there is no commission obligation to us.  The fee is $199 per month for the first office, and $49 per month for each additional office.  (If offices are rented in less than 90 days, we charge a 3 month minimum.)  Your client can cancel the listing at any time.  No strings attached!

As a courtesy to the referring broker who is the contact party, we will photograph and measure the offices, provide a rent appraisal, draft and enter the listing for you, for no additional charge.

Case 2:  Broker Assisted Listing.  LookingForSpace.com receives the inquiries:

When a tenant we introduced rents offices from your client, we charge 10% of the first year's rent when the tenant moves in.  You'll receive an American Express gift card of $250 per office rented, as our Thank You for introducing your client to us.

Case 3:  Broker Assisted Listing.  The Outside Broker receives the inquiries.

When you respond to the inquiries and your client rents offices to a tenant we introduced, we still charge 10% of the first year's rent on success.  We sill share this fee with your firm on a 50-50 basis, when we are paid.

ALTERNATELY  we understand that you may already have your own commission agreement with Your Client.  In this case, we're willing to work on your behalf for one half of a standard commission upon rental to a tenant we introduced.

In Either Broker Assisted Listing (Case 2 or Case 3), LookingForSpace.com will photograph and measure the offices, provide an on-site rent valuation, and draft and enter the listing to the website. 

If you want us to draft the listing we'll need to interview you or your client about the space or we need someone to fill out a form describing the space and amenities.

Again, no strings attached. 

We will only contact Your Client by email, and you will be copied on any correspondence.

If Your Client calls us for any reason, we will notify you by email and describe the conversation.

If we need any additional information we will contact you and only phone Your Client with your prior permission.and knoweldge.

We Have Plenty Of Experience And Lots Of Testimonials

Listings can be cancelled ANYTIME!


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