LAST CALL: 2 Partner Offices Wanted For July 1 Occupancy - East 50's

POSTED ON 06-12-2024 BY Looking For Space

UPDATE (June 12): We are pretty close to signing a lease we don't really want to sign and if by any chance your firm has 2 large offices in a Class A building in the East 50's, we'd really like to hear from you ASAP.  This is a...


High-End Boutique Litigation Firm Seeks Prime Office Sublease in Midtown Manhattan

POSTED ON 03-07-2024 BY Looking For Space

High-End Boutique Litigation Firm Seeks Premium Legal Office Space in Midtown Manhattan An established boutique litigation firm, specializing in Employment & Whistleblowing, Client Services, Complex Commercial, and Securities...


Finding the Right Office Space for Small or Solo Law Practices and Retiring Partners

POSTED ON 12-04-2023 BY Looking For Space

  The legal industry is witnessing a transformative shift with more attorneys embracing solo practices or forming small firms. This evolution necessitates a reevaluation of office space needs, especially considering factors like...


Enhancing Your Legal Practice With Stand-Alone Office Sublets

POSTED ON 11-12-2023 BY Looking For Space

High-Quality, Stable Office Sublets for Legal Professionals specializes in facilitating long-term, standalone, turnkey office sublets within established law firms, ideal for attorneys and small law practices seeking...


Tailoring Legal Professional Workplace Scheduling and WFH

POSTED ON 11-01-2023 BY Looking For Space

The legal profession has always sought prestigious office spaces. However, the modern attorney's needs are evolving, and the traditional workspace model is undergoing a transformation. This shift is fueled by the need for...


Part Time Office Sublets: A New Frontier For Modern Legal Professionals

POSTED ON 10-30-2023 BY Looking For Space

The concept of office space has undergone a radical transformation as it adapts to the evolving needs of legal professionals seeking flexible work arrangements. is at the forefront of this change, introducing part-time...


Remote Work's Potential Impacts on Law Firm Office Space

POSTED ON 08-10-2023 BY Looking For Space

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a massive shift to remote work across many industries. Law firms were no exception, with most attorneys transitioning to working from home since early 2020. Now, over two years later, the future of office...


Blending Remote Work and In-Person Meetings with a Madison Avenue NYC Law Office Rental

POSTED ON 08-08-2023 BY Looking For Space

The pandemic necessitated widespread remote work, leading many law firms to operate purely from home offices. But maintaining a solely virtual legal practice presents challenges in client communication, workplace culture, employee...


The Evolution of Legal Practice: 780 Third Avenue and the New Wave of Semi-Retirement for Law Firm Partners

POSTED ON 08-06-2023 BY Looking For Space

In the ever-changing landscape of the legal profession, a significant trend is emerging as Baby Boomer attorneys reach traditional retirement age. This generation, known for its dedication and work ethic, is finding new ways to...


Add a Downtown Fort Lauderdale Office To Upgrade Your Remote Law Practice

POSTED ON 08-05-2023 BY Looking For Space

The pandemic necessity of remote work sparked a monumental shift, with countless attorneys now operating their practices purely from home. While the flexibility can be advantageous, a home office also has limitations for many lawyers. If...


A New Horizon for Legal Professionals: Office Sublet at 1040 Avenue of the Americas

POSTED ON 08-05-2023 BY Looking For Space

The bustling heart of New York City's Midtown Manhattan has always been synonymous with innovation, ambition, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. For law firms and solo practitioners who resonate with these values, 1040 Avenue of...


The Future of Legal Workspaces: From Dedicated Offices to Hoteling - A Shift in Midtown Manhattan's Commercial Real Estate Landscape

POSTED ON 08-05-2023 BY Looking For Space

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about transformative shifts in the way law firms and legal professionals operate. The requirement for remote working has not only affected current working dynamics but has ignited a conversation about...


Returning to the Office: A Psychological Analysis of Working from Home and the Unique Case of Lawyers

POSTED ON 08-03-2023 BY Looking For Space

In recent years, the way professionals engage with their workspace has transformed dramatically. With the rise of remote working, the traditional boundaries between home and office have blurred, leading to a new era of professional...


Exceptional Shared Legal OFfice Space in NYC's Financial District | 39 Broadway

POSTED ON 06-29-2023 BY Looking For Space

Unlocking the Potential of Shared Legal Office Space in Downtown NYC For law firms and solo practitioners, office location plays a pivotal role in attracting and retaining clients. It's not just about having an office; it's about where...


A Legal Address with a View: Premium Workstations at 271 Madison Avenue

POSTED ON 06-28-2023 BY Looking For Space

The world of law is changing, with the advent of remote work necessitating innovative solutions to new challenges. However, even in an age where digital communication rules, a prestigious address still holds sway. It provides a necessary...


Shared Legal Office Space: Spacious Partner Office at 780 Third Ave.

POSTED ON 06-20-2023 BY Looking For Space

Embrace the Opportunities of Shared Legal Office Space As we continue exploring the world of shared legal office spaces on, let's delve deeper into another unique listing in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. This is...


The Benefits of Shared Legal Office Space: An Introduction Focusing on a Prime Madison Av. Location

POSTED ON 06-16-2023 BY Looking For Space

We’re here to help when you are exploring the benefits of shared legal office space. Let’s discuss the advantages and provide a glimpse into one of our prime listings: a shared law office space on Madison Avenue, New York...


The Rising Popularity of Shared Legal Office Spaces: How is Shaping the Future

POSTED ON 06-07-2023 BY Looking For Space

As we embrace the new nor m of work from both office and home, the real estate landscape for lawyers and law firms is undergoing a significant transformation. The once-popular traditional office rentals are being replaced by a more...


Simplifying the Search For Shared Legal Office Spaces: A Comprehensive Solution For Lawyers

POSTED ON 06-05-2023 BY Looking For Space

The landscape of work culture and office space utilization has undergone significant transformations in recent years. Attorneys and law firms are reevaluating their office space needs, seeking cost-effective and flexible alternatives to...


The Advantages of Shared Legal Office Spaces: Spotlight On 780 Third Avenue, Midtown

POSTED ON 05-30-2023 BY Looking For Space

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, shared legal office spaces have emerged as a practical and cost-effective solution. One prime example of this can be seen at 780 Third Avenue, Midtown, where a pair of spacious offices...


The Advantage of Shared Law Office Space At 39 Broadway | Manhattan Financial District

POSTED ON 05-24-2023 BY Looking For Space

Law firms and independent practitioners alike have seen a trend emerging over the past decade that is revolutionizing their operations – shared office space. The Financial District of Manhattan is no exception to this, with a wave...


Embracing Shared Legal Office Spaces and Part-Time Sublets

POSTED ON 05-18-2023 BY Looking For Space

The landscape of work culture and the use of physical office spaces has changed significantly in recent years. With the advent of remote work and flexible schedules brought on by the pandemic, many companies are reevaluating their office...


The Advantages of Subleasing Private Office Spaces in High-End Legal Firms

POSTED ON 05-16-2023 BY Looking For Space

Choosing an office space is a vital decision for any law firm. The location and ambiance significantly influence the impression you make on your clients, and the efficiency of your operations. That's where subleasing comes into play,...


Law Firm Office Leasing Rebounds: Implications for Shared Legal Office Spaces

POSTED ON 05-15-2023 BY Looking For Space

In the first quarter of 2023, U.S. law firm leasing activity witnessed its strongest resurgence since the pre-pandemic era. Market data revealed a notable 45% increase in legal sector leases over 20,000 square feet, from Q4 2022 to Q1...


Premium Shared Legal Office Space For Rent At 757 Third Avenue, Midtown Manhattan

POSTED ON 05-05-2023 BY Looking For Space

Discover Your Ideal Shared Legal Office Space in Midtown with Prime Location: 757 Third Avenue, 18th Floor between 47th and 48th Streets. This law office sublet offers a modern, professional environment in a...


Optimize Your Law Firm's Real Estate: Navigating the Office Space Market as Sublessees and Sublessors

POSTED ON 04-26-2023 BY Looking For Space

Leverage, the Leading Legal Office Space Platform, to Secure the Ideal Office Space or Attract the Perfect Subtenant In the competitive world of legal real estate, attorneys and law firms must make the most of their...


Legal Office Space Solutions in Manhattan |

POSTED ON 04-25-2023 BY Looking For Space

Discover the Latest Legal Office Market Trends and Find the Perfect Shared Office Space for Your Law Firm The Manhattan legal office market is evolving, with changes in lease flexibility, office space utilization, collaboration spaces,...


Maximizing the Benefits of Shared Office Spaces for Legal Professionals and Law Firms in New York City

POSTED ON 04-17-2023 BY Looking For Space

The legal industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, creating a need for adaptable office spaces. Shared office spaces provide a unique solution for lawyers and law firms seeking to optimize their working environment....


Law Firms Maximize Office Sublet Potential with Offices Wanted Listings

POSTED ON 04-09-2023 BY Looking For Space

Discover a unique opportunity to find the perfect subtenants for your law firm's extra offices by leveraging our offices wanted reverse listings. At, we aim to provide a seamless platform for law firms to connect with...


Prime Law Office Sublets In Manhattan: Prestigious Neighborhoods for Legal Professionals

POSTED ON 04-09-2023 BY Looking For Space

Legal professionals seeking prime office spaces in Manhattan are in luck, as a surge in the availability of law office sublets presents an array of options. With fully furnished spaces, modern amenities, and picturesque views, these...


Adapting to the Changing Office Space Landscape For Law Firms

POSTED ON 04-08-2023 BY Looking For Space

The pace of office space leasing by law firms has slowed recently, with a significant decline in the fourth quarter of 2022. This has led to an increased number of individual offices being rented by attorneys within the premises of other...


Attorneys - Let Your Ideal Office Sublet Find You

POSTED ON 04-08-2023 BY Looking For Space

Are you a small or solo attorney struggling to find the perfect office space in a professional law firm environment? Look no further! With our Offices Wanted Reverse Listings, you can now secure the best opportunities by directly...


How Reverse Offices Wanted Ads Put Solo Attorneys In Control of Their Workspace Search

POSTED ON 04-06-2023 BY Looking For Space

Finding the right office space can be a daunting and expensive task for small law firms and solo attorneys. Traditional office space listings can cause anxiety and uncertainty, and sublessees often feel pressured to commit to a specific...


Subleasing Office Space: A Comprehensive Guide For Small & Solo Law Firms

POSTED ON 04-04-2023 BY Looking For Space

Trends Let's look at the growing trend of small and solo law firms seeking individual office spaces for rent within other established law firms. The phenomenon of subleasing offices, as opposed to utilizing coworking spaces or leasing...


The Impact of Changing Law Firm Footprints On CRE and Banks

POSTED ON 03-29-2023 BY Looking For Space

Introduction The commercial real estate (CRE) sector has been facing significant challenges in recent times, with bank failures and loan defaults becoming increasingly common. One of the key factors contributing to this issue is the...


Finding Affordable Legal Office Space For Small Law Firms

POSTED ON 03-29-2023 BY Looking For Space's offices wanted ads offer several benefits for small law firms and solo attorneys looking for affordable and professional office space. These ads are specifically targeted towards attorneys seeking to rent individual...


AI and Automation Will Transform CRE and Brokerage

POSTED ON 03-24-2023 BY Looking For Space

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies will likely revolutionize the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. With a growing emphasis on the role of potentially AI-driven platforms like...

READ MORE Unveils Offices Wanted Ads, Revolutionizing the Shared Legal Office Space Market

POSTED ON 03-23-2023 BY Looking For Space

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY, 3-22-2023 –, a leading online platform for shared legal office space, today announced the release of its groundbreaking Offices Wanted advertisements - which are...


Law Firms Embrace WFH: Downsizing, Hoteling & Associate Training Challenges

POSTED ON 03-22-2023 BY Looking For Space

Law Firms Adapting to Remote Work: The New Professional Landscape As the work-from-home (WFH) movement continues to reshape the professional landscape, law firms are reassessing their approaches to employment and office space. The...


Discover the Unique Platform Connecting Attorneys with Ideal Law Office Spaces:

POSTED ON 03-20-2023 BY Looking For Space

Commercial Real Estate For Attorneys The commercial real estate market has always been a dynamic and rapidly changing environment. In recent years, the demand for individual attorney's office sublets within larger law office space has...


The Growing Trend of Subleasing By Lawyers and Introducing Offices Wanted "Reverse Listings"

POSTED ON 03-19-2023 BY Looking For Space

As the legal industry experiences a shift in leasing trends, is keen to highlight how these changes directly affect individual offices being subleased by lawyers in larger law firms. The fourth quarter of 2022 saw a...


Rovolutionizing the Legal Workplace Search

POSTED ON 03-18-2023 BY Looking For Space

Introducing's Reverse Listing Service The work-from-home (WFH) movement has significantly impacted the legal industry, leading to a surplus of vacant attorney's offices and the closure of small law firms. As a...


Shared Legal Office Spaces:

POSTED ON 03-16-2023 BY Looking For Space

A Solution Amid Work-From-Home Movement in the Legal Industry The work-from-home (WFH) movement has brought significant changes to various industries, including the legal sector. With more employees choosing to work remotely, law...

READ MORE The Ultimate Solution for Lawyers Looking for Shared Legal Office Space

POSTED ON 03-13-2023 BY Looking For Space

The legal industry is one of the most dynamic and demanding industries in the world. With the rise of technology and globalization, the needs of lawyers continue to evolve, including the need for suitable office space. Whether you are a...


A Unique Real Estate Listing For Attorneys Seeking Office Sublets

POSTED ON 03-10-2023 BY Looking For Space

As the world changes, so do the needs of businesses. One such need is for office space, particularly in the legal industry. Law firms have long been known to occupy some of the most prestigious and sought-after office space in any given...


Impact of Law Firm Leasing Activity In MIdtown Manhattan

POSTED ON 02-02-2023 BY Looking For Space

Midtown Manhattan is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the world, and it is no surprise that it also has a strong commercial real estate market. In Q4 of 2022, total new leases and renewals finished up 15% annually. The Q4...


Legal Professionals Require Less Office Space

POSTED ON 12-28-2022 BY Looking For Space

The availability of office sublet space within the premises of a larger law firm in Manhattan may indicate that there is a surplus of office space in the area, possibly due to the shift towards remote work that has occurred during the...


Law Firm Seeking 6 Office Midtown NYC Sublet

POSTED ON 09-20-2022 BY Looking For Space

Attention Midtown NYC Law Firms With 6 Extra Offices For Sublease: If your firm has extra offices, we have an established law firm with excellent financials that is looking for space. They need 3 partner size offices and 3 associate...


Grand Central Shared Law Offices

POSTED ON 06-19-2022 BY Looking For Space

2 Adjacent Offices For Sublease In Midtown NYC Shared legal office space now available on the 33rd floor of 10 East 40th St.  The "host" is Nilson Law and the available space includes 2 offices approximately 100 sq. ft. each ...


Modern Multi Office Sublet In Third Avenue Law Firm

POSTED ON 06-16-2022 BY Looking For Space

Long Term 10 Room Private Space For A Small Firm  So here is a very tidy opportunity to sublease office space from another law firm and get space that was specifically built for a legal practice.  You can rent up to 10...


1 To 10 Office Sublet For NYC Law Firms

POSTED ON 05-31-2022 BY Looking For Space

750 Third Avenue Attorneys Offices For Sublease 5 Year Term - Immediate Occupancy - Part Time Use Is Possible Your firm can sublease between 1 and 10 furnished offices in above standard Midtown legal space.  The 10 office and 4...


20 Office Sublet On Park Avenue Near GCT

POSTED ON 04-16-2022 BY Looking For Space

20 Windowed Offices - Long Term Midtown-Furnished-Wired-Trophy Building If your mid-size "out of town" law firm is considering a Manhattan base, an AM Law 200 firm is offering part of a tower floor with amazing views and light, that is...


Law Office Sublet In Los Angeles

POSTED ON 03-26-2022 BY Looking For Space

Shared Law Office Space - 5850 Canoga Ave Furnished Office Sublease - Move Right In I windowed office available for immediate rental in a Class A office building proximate to the Topanga Westfield Mall with easy access to the 101...


Part Time Office Sublets In Manhattan

POSTED ON 03-01-2022 BY Looking For Space

Rent Office Space in a Law Firm for Part Time Use Manhattan offers many options to rent office space but our specialization is providing listings for individual offices for rent in the premises of larger law firms.This article...


Corner Midtown Law Office Sublet

POSTED ON 02-25-2022 BY Looking For Space

250 s.f. Office With Fabulous Light Tower Floor in Class-A Building Additional Office and Workstation Available For Support Staff In the past month, we've seen a strong uptick in requirements for larger offices for senior attorneys...


Large Attorney Office Sublets In Brand New Space

POSTED ON 02-03-2022 BY Looking For Space

PERMANENT PART TIME OFFICE SUBLETS WITH LARGE (Example: 200 sq. ft. +) ROOMS FOR LAWYERS 2 and 3 day annual rentals will be considered This is a great opportunity to occupy large, traditional, furnished or unfurnished offices in a...


Offices Wanted is now a thing!

POSTED ON 01-19-2022 BY Looking For Space

Yes, in 2022 "Offices Wanted" is a thing.  In this new section of our commercial office listings database we are giving the sublessee the opportunity to advertise their requirement to the sublessor. In this case, the firms...


Office Wanted Ads - A New Way To Search

POSTED ON 01-03-2022 BY Looking For Space

Listings for commercial office space have always been about what's available.  Office sublets from Tenants and direct space from Landlords.  So our website has always specialized in promoting what is available to those with a...


8 Legal Offices For Midtown Sublet

POSTED ON 12-09-2021 BY Looking For Space

Tower Floor Views With Large Corner Sr. Partner Office, 3 Jr. Partners, 4 Associates and up to 5 Paralegals "Big Law" Layout & Furnishings Long Term Remains For - Firm Within A Firm -   Attention Small & Solo...


Large Corner Office Sublet - $3500 - Midtown GCT

POSTED ON 12-09-2021 BY Looking For Space

Midtown Deal Of The Year! Huge Corner Sr. Partner Office With 6 Windows Available For Long Term Rental $3,500/mo. Includes 1 Cube There is a lot of expectation on the Sublessee's side that they deserve amazing deals for...


9 Office Sublease In NYC NoMad Law Firm

POSTED ON 11-17-2021 BY Looking For Space

Perfect For A Small Firm With 2 or 3 Partners   Move-In condition shared law office space with all amenity space included - Equivalent to approximately 7,000 square feet of rentable space This New York rental is half of a...


Large Corner Office Sublet - Plaza District NYC

POSTED ON 11-13-2021 BY Looking For Space

Large Corner Office Sublease For A Lawyer Attorneys looking for space in a Class-A Midtown building should consider this Senior Partner's office for rent in a Legal Suite that occupies 2 full floors and is home to over 50 mostly...


When A Legal Suite Breaks Up

POSTED ON 11-04-2021 BY Looking For Space

When Tenants Are Left Out In The Cold Because Landlords Don't Always Renew Their Leases From time to time, we experience a stampede of attorneys looking for space because the suite they were part of is being dissolved.  This...


Office Sublets In 99 Park Avenue Law Firms

POSTED ON 11-02-2021 BY Looking For Space

2 Different Firms Offering 2 Offices Each I see a good opportunity to negotiate a sublease of 1 or 2 offices in either of these listings We have listings from law firms on the 11th and 15th floors of 99 Park Avenue.  This is...


2 Office To Sublet In Park Avenue Law Firm

POSTED ON 11-01-2021 BY Looking For Space

Midtown Legal Office Near Grand Central 2 Windowed Offices For 2 Years 99 Park Avenue Established general practice law firm in renovated suite looking for attorneys seeking nice space with a shorter term sublease. This should appeal...


Available Offices or Offices Wanted?

POSTED ON 11-01-2021 BY Looking For Space

Do you HAVE or do you NEED a sublet? There are plenty of places to look for available offices to sublet.  Most are broker oriented sites, but few offer "self service" advertising with a direct connection to the respondents with no...



POSTED ON 10-31-2021 BY Looking For Space

Bright Windowed Offices For Sublease 110 East 59th Street, NY NY 10022, Fl. 32 Midtown NYC Law Firm seeking attorneys looking for between 1 and 4 windowed offices within the recently renovated premises of a boutique law firm. ...


Fractional Office Space

POSTED ON 10-07-2021 BY Looking For Space

On an enterprise basis, larger firms are beginning to react to the increasing call for adopting remote-first policies and giving their employees a workplace or meeting space, when they decide they want it.   I don't think the backlash...


We Spoke To 20 Law Firms

POSTED ON 10-06-2021 BY Looking For Space

We spoke to 20 law firms this week about the current state of their office occupancy and future plans/intentions for their office space.  Half of the firms were Small/Solo with 2 or fewer attorneys, and the other half had 3 or more...


Offices Wanted - A New Perspective

POSTED ON 09-30-2021 BY Looking For Space

Have We Been Looking In The Wrong Direction?  Should The Subtenant Be In The Driver's Seat? We have always approached the individual office rental problem from the point of view of the sublessor.  But what if we could also...


Office Sublets For Lawyers

POSTED ON 09-20-2021 BY Looking For Space

Individual Offices For Sublease In Manhattan Law Firms Click To View All Midtown NYC Listings (Free) on I.  For those of you who are "right-sizing" their firm's footprint, we've got several...


Law Office Sublet In White Plains

POSTED ON 08-28-2021 BY Looking For Space

5 Offices (Can Expand) With Big Law Feel  One North Broadway, White Plains NY 10601 Office Sublets From Major Law Firm For More Information or Inspection Call (212) 986-9100 or Email LookingForSpace It's not easy to...


Rockefeller Center Bargain - 2 Legal Offices + Cubes

POSTED ON 07-23-2021 BY Looking For Space

  Rockefeller Center Shared Legal Office Space $2,600 per office and $400 per cube in vibrant boutique firm 5-Year Sublease offers location stability for your practice Choose offices immediately off the reception...


Office Sublets For Attorneys

POSTED ON 02-03-2021 BY Looking For Space

Now is a good time to rent individual offices in law firms, and we've got a great inventory of office sublets in a variety of firms in different cities.  Our primary market for shared legal office space is Manhattan, NY.  You...


State Of The City For Individual Office Sublets

POSTED ON 11-19-2020 BY Looking For Space

There seem to be a lot of conflicting projections of what is to be in the coming months.  I'd like to report on what we see happening right as well as what our clients tell us, concerning thoughts of what to expect in the New Year. ...


An Informal Poll On The State Of The Legal Office Rental Market

POSTED ON 06-25-2020 BY Looking For Space

The shared legal office space market is starting to revive itself after a 100-day hiatus.  We're seeing more traffic and in fact this week we had 3 deals executed.  1 in Santa Monica CA for 2 offices (with ocean views), and two...


Phase Two Recommendations For Space Tours / Showings

POSTED ON 06-05-2020 BY Looking For Space

The Real Estate Board Of New York has released a set of "rules" that tenants, owners and real estate brokers should follow during the second phase of the reopening process for Manhattan, which could happen as early as June 22nd.  Of...


Ocala FL Turn-Key Medical Suite

POSTED ON 04-09-2020 BY Looking For Space

We have a new listing that would be very interesting for a husband/wife medical practice where each had their own separate practices that were adjacent in the same building, and with optional living space in a 2,000 sq ft apartment above...


Listings Are Free And We Hope You're All Safe

POSTED ON 03-31-2020 BY Looking For Space

We're all in this together, and we hope you and your coworkers are safe. There will be no charge for listings posted in April. (If you are adding your listing yourself just ignore the pricing and enter the data.  When you get to...


Brokers Use Us To Rent Fractional Office Space For Their Clients

POSTED ON 03-01-2020 BY Looking For Space

A Platform You Can Use To Your Customer's Advantage We'll Take Care Of The Small Stuff While You Focus On Larger Issues We understand that you have to make a living - and that sometimes you become obligated to perform low...


2020 Outlook For Shared Office Space

POSTED ON 01-21-2020 BY Looking For Space

Younger workers are pushing back on the traditional balance between work and life.  They demand flexible hours, generous vacation time, the option to work remotely, paid parental leave, and even egg freezing.  Their lives are...


4 Shared Legal Office Spaces In Manhattan For February 2020 Occupancy

POSTED ON 01-19-2020 BY Looking For Space

Shared Office Space In Law Firms For Attorneys And Other Appropriate Professionals There are many examples of shared professional office space on the website, however Law Firms prevail as the largest listing sector...


Midtown Suite Within A Legal Suite - 5 Offices + Cubes - Long Term

POSTED ON 01-15-2020 BY Looking For Space

Sometimes we see a "law firm in a box" - where everything you need for your firm can be obtained with zero management hassle.  We've got 5 offices (4 of which are adjacent to a large windowed conference room) in the premises of an...


Astonishingly Good For An Old-School Law Firm With Modern Aspirations

POSTED ON 12-19-2019 BY Looking For Space

Sometimes we see something in the marketplace that just screams "it's yours".  I have a feeling about this one: Midtown (Hi 40's - Avenue Building) Full tower floor:  17,500 sq ft with 30+ offices and 3 conference rooms Fully...


Running From Being Nickel and Dimed

POSTED ON 12-17-2019 BY Looking For Space

I speak to a lot of tenants.  I frequently hear, from the small and solo crowd that they "hate" their present landlord because the get nickel and dimed for every little thing that they use.  You'd really be surprised how many...


3 Cheap Shared Spaces In Midtown Manhattan

POSTED ON 12-05-2019 BY Looking For Space

We Don't Like The Word "Cheap"... but when we see a really good deal, we like to let our members know about it.  The first space is a 6500 sq. ft. unit in Midtown at 521 5th Avenue .  Currently occupied by an "out of town"...


Are You Looking For New Space In Someone Else's Office?

POSTED ON 11-25-2019 BY Looking For Space

The Right Resource - At The Right Time If you have a broker, we can help them source appropriate locations for you in the premises of another professional firm If you're not lucky enough to have your own broker to help you find...


Crafting An Effective Shared Office Space Listing

POSTED ON 11-18-2019 BY Looking For Space

You Want To Rent Vacant Offices In Your Space To Other Professionals? You're In The Right Place! We are dedicated to aggregating the national demand for shared professional office space and pointing it to your advertisement on our...


A New Method For Renting Extra Offices To Appropriate Professionals

POSTED ON 10-20-2019 BY Looking For Space

Shared Professional Office Space Advertising In NYC We feel that as the largest tenant in NYC self-implodes on its own coworking space there will still be a bit of a vacuum in the fractional space market for some time - law firms and...


A Primer For Shared Legal Offices

POSTED ON 10-15-2019 BY Looking For Space

A Primer For Shared Legal Office Space So, you have an extra office and you're thinking of renting it out... You've just found the experts in the field of shared professional office space and using our website we can help you from the...


4 Offices Wanted For Law Firm

POSTED ON 10-02-2019 BY Looking For Space

Established IP Firm seeks 4 offices and 4 workstations in a larger firm or group of attorneys. Needs Midtown East location Requires sublease or license beginning in April 2020 for a term of at least 3 years 25 Lateral file drawers...


5 Cost Efficient Shared Spaces For Attorneys

POSTED ON 09-18-2019 BY Looking For Space

There are opportunities to share office space that rival having your own private space and are superior predominantly because of the "Lack Of Hassle" involved in Guesting in someone else's space.  These shared spaces are quite...


2 Private Offices For Sublease In 2 NYC Law Firms

POSTED ON 08-16-2019 BY Looking For Space provides free to view listings of individual offices for rent in law firms.  Our site is: Available in all major cities 100% free to view Well organized + current Searchable by professional area A...


5 Shared Law Offices To Start The Summer Sublet Season

POSTED ON 05-09-2019 BY Looking For Space

People think the summer months result in a lull for commercial real estate, because all of the decision makers are "away".  Well, I'm here and you're there and the only time I expect we will be away is in the first week of June or...


5 Shared Legal Spaces In Midtown Manhattan

POSTED ON 04-21-2019 BY Looking For Space

We're seeing some very nice shared legal spaces coming to market this spring, and if you are looking for space proximate to GCT, we've got a few listings that may interest you.  Click on any of the bold links below to see the full...


An Updated Site For More Occupations

POSTED ON 01-31-2019 BY Looking For Space

Exciting Changes Coming To The Looking For Space Website The day fast approaches when our newly "refurbished" website will be out in public. We'll have all of the current listings in law firms available just as always, but the new...


3 New Shared Legal Office Space Rentals

POSTED ON 10-28-2018 BY Looking For Space

When it comes to shared law office space, our website has a national inventory of advertisements by principals who, for the most part, are partners in firms with extra offices that they want to rent. 1359 Broadway - 2 Offices in...


Serviced Legal Suites In Formation

POSTED ON 10-18-2018 BY Looking For Space

There are 2 legal suites in formation, managed by attorneys for attorneys (and appropriate financial professionals. Available December 1, or sooner, is a 16 office suite on a tower floor of a newer "A" building in the East 40's, about 2...


3 Nice Shared Legal Office Spaces - Midtown

POSTED ON 10-07-2018 BY Looking For Space

Here are a few highlights of advertisements on our website for Monday October 8, 2018 - Happy Columbus Day! If you are looking for space in Midtown and need 1, 2 or 3 windowed offices for attorneys you might want to check out the...


2 Office Spaces With Bench Seating - Short Term Plug And Play Office Space For Startup

POSTED ON 10-02-2018 BY Looking For Space

TIMES SQUARE NORTH : Young companies seeking private space to incubate in have 2 exciting new opportunities. The first, is in the Studio 54 Building (254 West 54th Street, NY NY 10019. This modern space is on the 16th floor and has big...


5 Offices In Law Firm At 26 Broadway

POSTED ON 08-15-2018 BY Looking For Space

Nice Downtown Space On A Budget - 5 Offices, Nice Views This is a nice opportunity for a small law firm to acquire economical space downtown, in a great art-deco building (formerly the Standard Oil building). The space as some very nice...


New shared professional office listings

POSTED ON 06-15-2018 BY Looking For Space

We are close to launching our revised website for . This new version will incorporate location searching that coincides with google autocomplete, and a new way to search within professional designations and...


1 office for rent in Midtown Manhattan law firms

POSTED ON 06-15-2018 BY Looking For Space

Are you looking for a single office for rent? Do you want to be in Midtown? In a shared legal office space? Rent individual offices on a year to year basis. Share amenities like reception services, conference rooms, copiers, mail...


All Inclusive Rental - 5 Offices In Midtown Law Firm

POSTED ON 04-16-2018 BY Looking For Space

570 Lexington Avenue - 19th Floor - 5 Offices + 2 Cubes All Inclusive Rent: $11,000 per month Shared law office space incorporating 1 Large Partner office, 4 Jr Partner/Sr. Associate offices, 2 large workstations and basement file...


Part Time Lawyer's Office - 178 sq ft - Grand Central

POSTED ON 03-20-2018 BY Looking For Space

RENT A BEAUTIFUL OFFICE IN MIDTOWN MANHATTAN - 2 OR 3 DAYS PER WEEK Here's a new kind of listing for us with an idea that we think will gain good traction. Part time offices where you get all of the benefits of a full time dedicated...


"W" And The Suite Wars

POSTED ON 12-26-2017 BY Looking For Space

It appears that national executive business centers are in a war to eliminate each other. They were always in competition, but never before against such a strong adversary as " W ", the name we shall not speak. W has proactively...


Pre Shakeout Rumbles

POSTED ON 11-11-2017 BY Looking For Space

So there seems to be a lot of talk in the brokerage community about office rents declining for big blocks of space in trophy buildings in the Plaza District. On one hand, this seems to be caused by the migration of firms leasing large...


A Few Good Offices For Attorneys To Sublease

POSTED ON 11-05-2017 BY Looking For Space

If you are looking for a few good offices for your law practice, we have several subleases of individual offices in other law firms that you might be interested in. I'll highlight a few of those listings below: 570 Lexington Avenue,...


Shared Legal Offices At 60 East 42nd Street

POSTED ON 10-16-2017 BY Looking For Space

Today Is 60 East 42nd Street Day! It's Always FREE To View Our Listings. Direct Underground Access To Grand Central (Plus a few more Art Deco Buildings) 3 Opportunities to sublease offices in shared legal office space at 60 East 42nd...


Groups Of Multiple Offices For Rent To Attorneys

POSTED ON 10-06-2017 BY Looking For Space

It is fairly easy to find one office for rent in many CBD markets. However, groups of offices are sometimes harder to find because many firms would rather "bite the bullet" than advertise the fact that they have empty lawyer's offices in...


2 Partner Offices In Serviced Legal Suite On Fifth Ave Near Grand Central

POSTED ON 10-03-2017 BY Looking For Space

Perfect opportunity for 2 partner offices that are fully furnished with great light and views. One office is a larger corner office with large canopy windows that make it feel like the bridge of a luxury liner! The second office is also...


6 Offices + 5 Cubes At 570 Lexington Avenue - Share Space With An IP Firm

POSTED ON 10-01-2017 BY Looking For Space

Looking for law firm to share a fully outfitted legal office with an established IP firm, offering a serious, calm work environment. There are 6 available offices, one of which is a 22' Partner office. All of the offices have good light,...


Private Suite Within A Suite - 6 Offices / Grand Central

POSTED ON 09-11-2017 BY Looking For Space

If your firm seeks to rent office space from another law firm, and you are looking for space in the range of 6 windowed offices in this Midtown, we have a well priced, long term opportunity to rent a group of offices and workstations in a...


All Texas Listings Are FREE. Help Houston Attorneys Find Emergency Office Space

POSTED ON 08-29-2017 BY Looking For Space

Texas emergency commercial office space listings are FREE on Rent or Donate your surplus offices and office space to Houston area attorneys who need emergency office space during the disaster. Help lawyers who would...


Small Office Space For Attorneys In New York City

POSTED ON 08-22-2017 BY Looking For Space

There has been a shortage of good, small office space in Manhattan for the past 5 years. The trend was caused by landlords seeking to consolidate smaller units of office space into full floors for 2 reasons. First, the assumption was that...


Small Legal Office Space In New York

POSTED ON 07-03-2017 BY Looking For Space

Small legal office space can be subleased in New York at competitive rentals. The benefits of shared legal office space include a lower overhead when the shared amenities are taken into consideration, as well as the benefits of working...


Shared Legal Office Space With 4 Offices For Sublease

POSTED ON 07-02-2017 BY Looking For Space

3 and 4 Offices For Rent In Shared Legal Office Space We have seen an increased demand for larger units - usually for 3 or 4 contiguous offices within the space leased by another law firm. If your firm is looking for 4 offices to...


Prime Newark Shared Legal Office Space With 1 - 4 Windowed Offices

POSTED ON 02-10-2017 BY Looking For Space

Newark NJ has a high density of law firms and legal professionals and we have a number of listings from New Jersey law firms for shared legal office space with amenities and some services also available. The listing at 744 Broad...


​Do Executive Suites Hurt Your Chances Of Renting Offices To Attorneys?

POSTED ON 01-17-2017 BY Looking For Space

A common question we get concerns the number of executive suites or business suites that seem to be crowding the market as well as the vertical on Google and Bing, etc. Frequently we are asked if this affects a law firm's chances of...


Negotiating With A "Host" For Shared Legal Office Space | Part 1

POSTED ON 01-04-2017 BY Looking For Space

Part 1 - Introduction to shared law office space: Shared legal office space comes in a variety of "flavors", but the most consistent offering is a "license" for space rather than a sublease, simply because it is a much shorter document...


Small Office Space For Sublease In New York

POSTED ON 12-11-2016 BY Looking For Space

The Looking For Space website specializes in small office space available for sublease, as well as individual offices and groups of offices available for sublease or license in law firms. We offer a great solution for attorneys and small...


Shared Office Space In Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City

POSTED ON 12-04-2016 BY Looking For Space

If you are looking for space in a major U.S. city - and you are interested in shared office space or shared legal office space for your practice - we offer a great selection of individual offices offered for rent in law firms, legal...


Law Offices In A Legal Suite or Shared Space

POSTED ON 12-03-2016 BY Looking For Space

The coworking business model generally does not work for attorneys because of privacy and security issues. Plus, attorneys have not been through a career path that offered anything but a private office at the end of the rainbow. But, is...


Law Firms Reducing Footprint - But not Hoteling or Bench Seating

POSTED ON 11-28-2016 BY Looking For Space

There is a national trend for law firms to reduce their per employee allocation of space - or "footprint" overall, by eliminating library space by using automated libraries and online services, reducing document storage areas by scanning,...


10 Shared Law Office Spaces In Midtown and Downtown New York City Law Firms

POSTED ON 11-25-2016 BY Looking For Space

Here is a selection of 10 shared office spaces in Midtown and Downtown Manhattan. These are not Co working spaces. They are shared legal office space and shared business office space in existing firms that have extra offices to sublease....


Small Manhattan Spaces For Boutique Law Firms

POSTED ON 11-14-2016 BY Looking For Space

As part of our group of curated "private space (sq. ft.)" listings, we've got a few that will be of interest to small, high end boutique firms that are looking for small commercial office space in Midtown Manhattan. The first is at 47th...


Fabulous Furnished Space With Phones - 20 Offices + 30 Cubes

POSTED ON 11-08-2016 BY Looking For Space

We've got a new listing for a high end space in a Class A building on Corporate Row, at 47th Street and Avenue of the Americas. This is a short term - 4 year lease for 18,000 sq. ft. of amazing space for pretty close to $52.00 per sq. ft....


Is There A Slowdown In The Velocity Of Shared Office Leasing In Executive Suites?

POSTED ON 11-06-2016 BY Looking For Space

We are receiving reports from several different sources that there has been a general slowdown in the velocity of transactions in various sectors of the shared office space vertical. This is being noticed by operators of Executive Suites...


High End Park Avenue Beauty

POSTED ON 11-06-2016 BY Looking For Space

We have a new shared law office space at 230 Park Avenue (45th - 46th Streets) in New York City where an approximately 6000 sq. ft. law firm is interested in sharing about half of its space with another firm. The space is above standard...


New Spaces For Small to Mid Size Law Firms In Manhattan

POSTED ON 11-05-2016 BY Looking For Space

We have several move-in condition situations that are available for shorter term, between 2 and 4 years. Our inventory of private commercial office space encompasses all space available for lease or sublease in Manhattan, but the units...


Law Firm Relocation To Shared Office Space – Pros and Cons

POSTED ON 10-31-2016 BY Looking For Space

Along with the general trend of law firms downsizing their office space by introducing new efficiencies, many law firms are considering moving to shared law office space. Our recurring observation is that in general, law firms usually...


Sharing Office Space For Attorneys

POSTED ON 10-10-2016 BY Looking For Space

Office space sharing works both for solo practitioners and small to mid size firms. Solo's, more often than not, will rent 1 office and 1 workstation within the premises of a larger law firm. Solo's expect to use the conference room(s),...


We Need Your Listing | Update

POSTED ON 10-05-2016 BY Looking For Space

We've had a lot of success lately renting groups of offices to small law firms. In fact, we've been so successful with attorneys who are looking for space that we've depleted our inventory of sublets incorporating 3 or more offices - and...


Evaluating A Potential Subtenant

POSTED ON 10-01-2016 BY Looking For Space

Usually when you meet someone you get an immediate feel for whether or not you're going to get along, but as we all know, first impressions are not always accurate. So, what do you do when you have a limited time to interface and vet a...


How Does Coworking Space Affect The Shared Legal Office Space Market

POSTED ON 09-28-2016 BY Looking For Space

You've probably read a lot about Co-working in the past year as it is a phenomenon that is taking the commercial real estate market by storm! Co-working spaces are opening at an unprecedented rate, eating up a tremendous volume of office...


Shared Office Space Roundup

POSTED ON 09-27-2016 BY Looking For Space

Shared Office Space For Sublease - Options For Renting Space & Examples Many businesses have extra offices available for sublease to other professionals. Often, the sublessor ("host") firm will specify that anybody sharing their...


A Guide To Looking For Space (Ch. 2)

POSTED ON 09-27-2016 BY Looking For Space

A tenant or subtenant needs to keep a number of factors in mind when touring spaces. If you see more than 3 spaces in one tour, they will tend to blend together in your memory. When we are inspecting space with our clients, they receive...


A Tighter Commercial Office Market

POSTED ON 09-26-2016 BY Looking For Space

There is a recent trend, where the velocity of office leasing has slowed down a little. This is evidenced by special offers from many executive suites who are sitting with the same offices available they had last month - where it seems...


A Guide To Looking For Space (Ch. 1)

POSTED ON 09-22-2016 BY Looking For Space

I want our readers to understand that in addition to providing information about fractional office space (shared law office space) available for sublease or license, we also function as Tenant Representative brokers for law firms and...


Photographing Your Offices For An Effective Listing (Chapter 2)

POSTED ON 09-21-2016 BY Looking For Space

It is not always easy to get good photos to add to your listing, but if you follow a few simple rules you can add effective photos to your office space listing - and they will always help you rent your offices more easily. First, if...


Writing An Effective Listing To Get Your Offices Rented (Chapter 1)

POSTED ON 09-20-2016 BY Looking For Space

There are several different components of an online listing that determine if it will be popular or not - whether the audience of attorneys looking for space online will respond - or if you might have to wait awhile to get some results...


Different Types Of Office Space On

POSTED ON 09-18-2016 BY Looking For Space

EXECUTIVE OFFICE SUITES: This is the old standard that started the fractional office space market. The concept was for an entity to lease or a large space from a Landlord, with permission to sub-sublease many individual offices to a...


Things To Think About When Subleasing Office Space

POSTED ON 09-18-2016 BY Looking For Space

Choosing a Sublease being offered by a Tenant, instead of a Direct lease being offered by a Landlord can have a number of advantages for a new company. First, a sublease will generally be for a shorter period of time than a direct lease...


Midtown Lawyer's Offices For Sublease

POSTED ON 09-14-2016 BY Looking For Space

The shared law office space segment of the market can be divided into different industry groupings. At we focus on legal professionals and the majority of our listings are from small to mid size law firms who are...


The Loss Factor In NYC Commercial Real Estate

POSTED ON 09-13-2016 BY Looking For Space

When dealing with space size in New York City, we've inherited a system where what you see is not what you get. The sad truth is that NYC commercial office space is always smaller than they say it is - usually by between 25%-35%, and...


Tenant Representation

POSTED ON 09-12-2016 BY Looking For Space

It is very important for a Tenant to be properly represented in a complicated marketplace for direct and sublease office space. When choosing a broker you should consider whether or not the company you hire represents the landlord side of...


Some Nice Midtown NYC Shared Office Listings

POSTED ON 08-30-2016 BY Looking For Space

We've got a healthy crop of nice, high end listings for your boutique law firm to have immediate occupancy. The spaces can be furnished or unfurnished and are particularly well located. The first is at 230 Park Avenue, New York, NY...


A Slow Season For Executive Suites

POSTED ON 08-27-2016 BY Looking For Space

This has been a slow summer in the Executive Suite industry in New York City. If you speak to various "brands" of executive suites here, a lot of the site managers feel the same way and nobody seems to have an immediate answer to the...


55 West Monroe St - Chicago Law Office Space

POSTED ON 08-18-2016 BY Looking For Space

Share office space in a beautifully decorated full floor Chicago Loop law firm with all amenities available as well as completely furnished or unfurnished offices for sublease. The offices can be rented individually or in groups - up to 9...


A Slow Summer - Or A Time Of Opportunity?

POSTED ON 08-16-2016 BY Looking For Space

This could be a good time to sign a new lease for shared office space in Manhattan. The market has been a little slow this summer - it almost feels a little lazy - and our "Hosts" are offering some below market rentals in an effort to...


New Shared Law Office Spaces In Midtown Manhattan

POSTED ON 08-01-2016 BY Looking For Space

Newly listed offices in shared legal office space this week include offices available at 420 Lexington Avenue (The Graybar Building) and 230 Park Avenue (The Helmsley Buidling). We also have a new listing in a shared business office space...


New Shared Office Listings - San Francisco + Chicago

POSTED ON 07-11-2016 BY Looking For Space

A few new things this week. Our email blast went out yesterday to over 7,500 Chicago attorneys and we're really looking for new listings to "bulk up" our presence in that city. Attorneys looking for shared legal office space in Chicago...


Chicago and Los Angeles - New Broker Assisted Listings

POSTED ON 07-02-2016 BY Looking For Space

We are pleased to announce our most recent "Broker Assisted Listings" where our brokerage staff handles the entire process of promoting, negotiating and executing your sublease assignment - and all the sublessor has to do is be available...


New York City Shared Legal Office Space - Current Observations

POSTED ON 06-04-2016 BY Looking For Space

We are finding a very brisk demand for groups of 4 or more offices available for sublease within the premises of a law firm. If your firm has a group of offices you'd like to rent to a small or solo practice, you should contact us for a...


Success For Legal Offices At One Penn Plaza

POSTED ON 05-30-2016 BY Looking For Space

We were engaged by Tressler, LLP., a Chicago firm with offices in New York City, Newark NJ, Los Angeles and Orange County CA, and Bolingbrook, Il. Their New York City offices are located on the 47th Floor of One Penn Plaza, with amazing...


Up to 6 Offices For Sublease In Established IP Firm At 570 Lexington Avenue

POSTED ON 05-07-2016 BY Looking For Space

Shared legal office space available for immediate occupancy. GE Building - 570 Lexington Avenue - 19th Floor law office. Open book sharing of office space and amenities at cost. The "Host" firm is an established IP practice (Ostrager...


Broker Assisted Shared Office Listings

POSTED ON 05-01-2016 BY Looking For Space

Here's our newest Broker Assisted Listing: 570 Lexington Avenue (The GE Building at 50th Street) Part 19th Floor Shared Legal Office Space With an established IP Firm CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS 4-5 Offices, plus 4-5 Workstations (One...


1 Office For Rent In Law Firm

POSTED ON 04-01-2016 BY Looking For Space

Move your practice immediately - take your solo law firm to a new location by sharing office space with a larger firm. You take advantage of an existing infrastructure for IT and Telecom, and base your practice in their office while...


Windowed Attorney's Offices In Brand New CoWorking Space in Jersey City - Newport

POSTED ON 03-26-2016 BY Looking For Space

Lawyers Looking For Space can take advantage of individual offices in a brand new CoWorking facility in Jersey City that has everything a small or solo attorney could need in a brand new bright and airy modern space with dedicated...


New Listings Of Offices For Attorneys Looking For Space

POSTED ON 03-11-2016 BY Looking For Space

Small and solo practitioners can take advantage of the real estate and IT/Telecom platform provided by a larger "host" firm. At the same time, the solo practitioner can have all of the advantages of being proximate to a larger group of...


Shared Office Space

POSTED ON 03-09-2016 BY Looking For Space

Small and Solo attorneys by no means have to work alone. In the current real estate market they can immediately take advantage of the opportunity to join their physical location with another firm as a "Guest" tenant, while remaining...


Large Senior Partner Offices For Sublease

POSTED ON 02-20-2016 BY Looking For Space

Large Sr. Partner Offices In Suites For Attorneys + Small Law Firms We have a number of opportunities for Senior Legal Professionals to office in a large footprint, within the premises of an established real estate platform. The...


Advertise Shared Law Office Space With Money Back Guarantee!

POSTED ON 01-31-2016 BY Looking For Space offers law firms, on a national basis, the opportunity to rent extra offices in their premises to other attorneys who are interested in shared law office space as well as shared amenities. The "Host" firm provides: ...


Assisted Office Rental For Law Firms

POSTED ON 11-24-2015 BY Looking For Space

We've had a number of recent success stories helping law firms rent groups of offices to other, smaller law firms who were looking for shared legal office space. We like success stories because they are accompanied by success fees, and we...


Contest + Prize: What Do You Google When Looking For Offices For Rent?

POSTED ON 11-14-2015 BY Looking For Space

We're interested in hearing from our readers about what they google when looking for new offices online. We'll report back to you on what our readers think about terms for an effective search for shared commercial office space. We're...


Shared Los Angeles Law Office Space

POSTED ON 11-13-2015 BY Looking For Space

Shared law office space opportunities abound in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, and we've already got quite a few commercial office space listings in L.A., however we are always looking for new listings. If your law firm has any extra...


A Good Time For Shared Law Office Space

POSTED ON 11-10-2015 BY Looking For Space

The commercial real estate market in NYC is on fire - and I don't think there is another time when the small tenant has been more disadvantaged than right now. When I think of "small tenants", the image conjured up in my mind is a small...


Chicago Commercial Office Space - 1 N Franklin St - 60606

POSTED ON 10-25-2015 BY Looking For Space

Shared law office space is available in many Chicago commercial office buildings. A very popular CBD location is the "West Loop" of Chicago's downtown area, and there is a great supply of first class and trophy office towers with space...


Sublease Chicago Offices In Law Firms

POSTED ON 10-14-2015 BY Looking For Space

Chicago legal office space available for sublease can be found on our website for free. Chicago law firms with extra offices can advertise their sublet space directly to attorneys who are looking for space in Chicago online. The inquiring...


Los Angeles Legal Office Space For Sublease

POSTED ON 10-12-2015 BY Looking For Space

Los Angeles Legal Office space listings for attorneys and other professionals looking for shared law office space with amenities in convenient Los Angeles business locations. If you are looking for space in Los Angeles you can view...


Three Flavors Of Commercial Real Estate For Small and Solo Attorneys

POSTED ON 10-12-2015 BY Looking For Space

In today's commercial real estate market, office space appropriate for a small law firm or solo practitioner comes in several distinct "flavors" - each of which have attributes that are appropriate for different kinds of attorneys. The...


Advertising Shared Law Office Space Nationally

POSTED ON 10-10-2015 BY Looking For Space

The shared law office space market can be evaluated in all major US cities on our website. We can help your firm if you have extra offices or if you're looking for space in: Atlanta Boston California ( Los Angeles | San...


Success Stories From Law Firms Renting Offices To Other Attorneys

POSTED ON 10-05-2015 BY Looking For Space

Today I heard about two success stories from Law Firms advertising offices on our website. For each law firm the advertisements on our website were a "return engagement" as they had prior success on The first, for...


Law Office Space Valuation, Measurement and Amenities

POSTED ON 09-26-2015 BY Looking For Space

The most frequent question we get from new advertisers is "How much is my space worth?". To answer that question we have to balance a number of factors, the first being what are other similar spaces asking, and what are they actually...


NYC Legal Office Space Midtown

POSTED ON 09-25-2015 BY Looking For Space

Legal office space is available for sublease in Manhattan in many different configurations. We advertise commercial office space listings for law firms and accounting firms in an attempt to aggregate a curated body of office space...


1700 Broadway 42nd Floor Legal Aerie

POSTED ON 09-22-2015 BY Looking For Space

We have a fabulous space on the 42nd floor of 1700 Broadway that is a sublease from a law firm seeking one or two law firms to share the space and occupy this suite within a suite. The space is unfurnished and in move-in condition for...


Shared Law Office Space - Chicago

POSTED ON 08-29-2015 BY Looking For Space

If you are looking for individual offices for rent in Chicago law firms we offer a broad selection of shared legal office space for sublease in Chicago for small and solo practitioners who are interested in sharing the office space...


Comparing Commercial Office Space Rental To Shared Law Office Space - Part I

POSTED ON 08-24-2015 BY Looking For Space

There are hundreds of thousands of opportunities to rent commercial office space throughout the U.S., but increasingly we are seeing landlords shy away from smaller tenancies in favor of larger companies with a single point of contact,...


Shared New York Law Office Space Tightens Up

POSTED ON 08-21-2015 BY Looking For Space

The New York City commercial office marketplace has seen an unbelievable "run up" in the past 12 months. Commercial office space rentals on a per sq. ft. basis are about to eclipse previous records and the demand for new office space -...


Rent Shared Law Office Space For Your Small (or Solo) Law Firm

POSTED ON 08-02-2015 BY Looking For Space

Renting shared law office space is an opportunity for a "boot up" into the corporate world for the small and solo practitioner. The beauty of this situation is that it allows the "guest" (sublessee) to immediately occupy space managed by...


Shared NYC Law Office Space Listings

POSTED ON 07-26-2015 BY Looking For Space

We have a great selection of individual offices available for sublease in law firms and executive suites that cater to legal professionals. We operate in 10 different cities and will be adding more locations in the near future. If you...


1700 Broadway - 7 Office Suite Within A Suite With Stellar Views And Light - 42nd Floor

POSTED ON 07-20-2015 BY Looking For Space

Here is a great opportunity to rent a 7 office suite with all the support space required for a small law firm - in a shared legal office that was just renovated. The space includes: 7 Windowed Offices Senior Partner Corner Large...


Share Office Space

POSTED ON 07-17-2015 BY Looking For Space

Share office space with attorneys and other professionals looking for individual offices for sublease and shared amenities that your law firm can offer. Legal office space is very attractive to other attorneys who are looking for space...


Atlanta Office Listings - Special Offer

POSTED ON 07-12-2015 BY Looking For Space

The Offer: We've just opened our Atlanta marketplace for individual offices available for sublease - and we need your new listings. If you are one of the first 10 advertisers to add a new listing to our web site's Atlanta section, we'll...


NYC Shared Office Space

POSTED ON 07-09-2015 BY Looking For Space

You can find various "flavors" of shared office space for rent in Manhattan. We specialize in rental offices available for sublease from law firms. If office space is available for sublease in another type of professional firm we are...


Writing A Good Commercial Office Space Advertisement

POSTED ON 06-20-2015 BY Looking For Space provides online advertising for law firms with extra offices. We are a resource to aggregate inquiries from Attorneys and other Professionals looking for space in a shared law office environment. Advertisers (law firms...


Shared Law Office Space Marketplace

POSTED ON 06-20-2015 BY Looking For Space is happy to announce that we've completely upgraded our unique website that connects professional firms with extra offices to principals who are looking for shared office space. In Manhattan, we have over 60 listings...

READ MORE Launches Upgraded Website

POSTED ON 06-18-2015 BY Looking For Space

We're excited to announce that our new website is "live" and online. If you are looking for space in a shared law office environment and you'd like to sublease individual offices in the premises of a larger firm, you can use our website...


Advertise Extra Legal Offices For Sublease

POSTED ON 06-01-2015 BY Looking For Space

If your law firm has extra offices – Advertise Them To Attorneys On Our Website If you are looking for offices for rent in a law firm – all of the information on our website is available for FREE! ...


Shared Legal Offices For Long Term Sublease

POSTED ON 01-09-2015 BY Looking For Space

Here is a great opportunity for an out of town firm seeking to establish a satellite office in Manhattan. There is a very nice, high end space at 570 Lexington Avenue on the 19th floor, where one of our clients, an established IP...


240307 test 01

POSTED ON 07-08-2001 BY Looking For Space

240307 test 01 ...


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