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  • If you need new office space, search for free and contact the advertiser yourself.
  • If you have extra offices for sublease you can advertise with our search engine optimized listings that are aimed at professionals who are looking for space in a “shared office” or “shared practice” environment.


The purpose of our service is to match available individual offices with attorneys, CPA’s, Financial Industry, Tech or Media, and Healthcare professionals and other professionals looking for space in a shared or fractional office environment.

Our website is simple to use and has excellent traction on Google, Bing, and other major search engines. Further, it is backed by an extraordinary level of customer service – and telephone advice is always available for professionals seeking to dispose of extra space, or agents promoting offices on behalf of their clients.

We enable tenants and their agents to rent extra offices with effective professional tools. If you are a principal in need of new shared professional office space you will find it easily on our site, where you can match your professional specialty with the environment you intend to practice from.  If you are a broker representing your client, you can enter the listing and take the inquiries yourself.

We aggregate the demand for individual office advertising, so that professionals looking for individual offices for rent can match their requirement with principals who are advertising extra offices with shared amenities in a larger space. The focus of the site was initially on Law Firms with extra offices looking for other attorneys to sublease space - however in practice we've found that the site appeals to a broad range of professionals in every occupational category and specialty. Accordingly each listing is tagged with a "Space Type" that indicates the profession of the "Host" firm, as well as a "Listing For" tag which will indicate the desired “Guest” firm type they are targeting as prospective subtenants. for example: “All Professionals”.

Our roots are in commercial real estate brokerage – so this site has been designed from a real estate brokers point of view. We present a lot of information about your small office space and the material interested parties will view about your space is the equivalent of what larger tenants receive from their brokers when evaluating new space. This enables you or your agent to make a professional presentation that garners “warm” leads – because inquiring parties already know exactly what you are offering.


The genesis of LookingForSpace.com was our observation that tenants seeking to share their office space had no effective resource to advertise single offices available for sublease within larger premises.

We built a marketplace for the individual office user. We cater to shared legal offices, business offices, financial offices, tech offices, media offices and health care offices. Our clients seek to rent individual offices or groups of offices to other professionals in specific occupational categories and specialties.

LookingForSpace.com was built for the “self service” principal who wanted to transact for small office space on their own, without intermediaries. Professionals who are confident in your negotiating abilities and who know the value of their offering, can do it themselves with the LookingForSpace.com service.

At the same time, the service is intended to be used by exclusive brokers for tenants who want their local agent to handle the transaction for them.We give a principal or agent all they need to professionally promote their available offices online. In fact, the site was designed by commercial real estate brokers and incorporates many of the tools that a broker would expect and use in connection with servicing their client’s space needs.

"We initially began helping small and solo attorneys find offices for rent in larger firms in 2012.

Today our website still caters to the legal community that was the foundation of our business, as well as offices for sublease from all business and professional sectors, on a national basis.

We offer the ability for tenants and agents to find office listings appropriately aligned with specific practice specialties. We fill a void in the real estate industry and for the first time make data about individual offices for rent available to the public. It is always free to search all of our listings."

Neal Lerner - Founder

Enabling Small Office Rentals For Tenants And Their Brokers

Small and solo firms and small professional practices represent an entire class of tenancy that previously was not fully serviced by real estate professionals.

Accordingly while we empower tenants to rent offices on their own, we also encourage them to get their brokers involved in the process. LookingForSpace.com is the tool that principals and agents can use to attract individuals and small firms or practices to extra offices available for rent.

LookingForSpace.com pays full attention to small tenants, and we have become the most effective online vehicle to provide office space marketing services to the small office community.

Our listings are segmented by Profession and Specialty. The service is designed so you can choose to “Do It Yourself”, or “Get Professional Help”.

The process is transparent, and there are no hidden fees.

Our professionals offer free technical and creative assistance, We have established a track record with hundreds of Success Stories and Testimonials..

Listings for individual offices on our website are structured so that you receive all inquiries by phone or email, and you are responsible for the inspection appointments and sublease negotiation for your own space.

You will meet with potential subtenants who seek to rent space in the premises of a law firm or other professional firm or practice. You will vet each tenancy, confirm that it is suitable and economically viability for your firm. You draft your own documents for the sublease, lease or license.

We charge a recurring monthly fee for commercial office space advertisements that list space on our website. The monthly listing fee is based on the our website’s traffic in or near your city, and the number of offices that are available for rent. Just click on "Add Your Listing" at the top of the page to see current local pricing.

Free Search And Support

It is always free to search for offices and commercial office sublets on our website. There is no obligation for anybody to search the listings to find the exact shared office space they are looking for, and make direct contact with the advertiser or broker by email, through the form on each listing. When a searcher registers with our short and simple form, they get the added benefit of seeing the full contact information for the advertiser including: Name, Company, Suite #, Phone #. Plus, registered searchers also get an account dashboard where they can save their favorite listings.

We are always available to guide you through the listings or help you post a listing – our website is backed by human professionals, and we’re here to help you. We offer free technical or creative support whenever you need it, whether you’re renting extra offices in your premises, or looking for space.

LookingForSpace.com has a longer than 6-year track record of successful engagements and we rent hundreds of individual professional offices within larger premises each year.

If you'd like to discuss your specific situation feel free Contact Us without obligation.

We’re here to help and our only focus is on Shared Office Space with individual offices or groups of offices for rent.

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Neal Lerner - Founder
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