We charge a monthly advertising fees that vary in different cities. The variation is based on website traffic and how many active listings we have in a particular city.

We also have an alternative payment plan based on success. If we are successful, and you rent or license your offices or space to a party we introduced, we charge a success fee. The longer it takes us, the lower the success fee - so we have an incentive to see that you get good leads, ASAP.

Monthly advertisers (Law firms and other professional firms with extra offices) pay only a monthly fee. Executive or Professional Office Suites pay commission in lieu of the monthly fee.

All leads and inquiries go directly to the advertiser, by email or phone. Non registered "viewers" will reply through the email form on the listing page. Registered users well see your full contact information - and they will either call, text, or send you an email.

You can look at our testimonial section and confirm that we've had a lot of success helping people rent extra offices to other professionals. You can cancel your monthly listing, anytime - and to answer the question, you don't know it will work. Sometimes a listing will be marked rented in the first day or week, and other listings can remain on the site for 4 months or more.

Activity and success are based on who is in the market at the time you advertise. That entity might be present on day 1...or they can arrive on day 120 - we never know. We do know that a properly crafted listing with good photos will perform better. We are available, behind the scenes, with free creative or technical assistance whenever you require it.

We only want happy customers. If, in the second month of service you are unhappy for any reason, let us know. We'll remove your listing and refund the fee you paid for the second month. (The first month's fee is non-refundable). If you have any other concerns you can contact the President of our company; Neal Lerner, at (212) 986-9100.

No. At least 1 photo is required.

Generally, we suggest photos of: a) the reception area; b) the conference room; c) the common area (bullpen);, d) the office(s) that are available; e) the view; f) the pantry; g) the workstations, if any.

Most listings have between 4 and 8 photographs. You are invited to add as many as you wish.

The process of "fine tuning" the presentation of your listing so it appears higher in the search engine's natural listings (also known as "Organic SEO").

Yes. We invite you to keep your listings current by regularly updating your location with data and photos and descriptions of offices that are actually available - rather than generic text and staged photographs.

Yes, as long as you accurately designate yourself in the contact information, as an Agent or Owner.

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