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New York City is composed of the 5 boroughs.  Manhattan is the largest central business district in the U.S.  The other boroughs are Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx.  The City contains over 550 million square feet of office space.  The Manhattan portion of the city (Midtown, Midtown South, Downtown) contains about 450 million square feet of the total.  This qualifies Manhattan as containing approximately 25% of all of the office space in our nation.  About 2/3 of all of the economic activity in the City occurs in the Manhattan segment.  The TAMI sector (including startups) employs about a million people which makes it the largest business sector for jobs, and this large slice of the employee picture fits right in with New York's 24/7 work culture.  The financial sector (FIRE) has about 500,000 jobs.  There are about 70,000 licensed attorneys in New York, NY, and about 19,000 registered physicians and 2,700 dentists. 

You'll find more human diversity, shopping, dining, museums and entertainment in the City than almost anywhere else which makes it a mecca for tourism.  Destinations include the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square, The World Trade Center and more.  More than 8,000,000 people live in the 5 boroughs.  It is clearly the cultural and business capital of our country.  The Midtown neighborhoods span 34th - 59th Streets, River to River.  Midtown South neighborhoods span the area between 34th Street and 14th Street.  We classify the Downtown neighborhoods as everything south of 14th Street.

According to the NYC Bureau of Labor Statistics in the first quarter of 2018 there are 194,000 people working in "information", 468,000 people working in "Financial activities", 748,000 in "Professional and business services and 191,000 in "Other services".  The "Health services" sector is coupled with "Education" and the combined total is 999,000 people.  Statistics from City-Data indicate that Health care accounts for 6% of the working population and Educational services also accounts for 6%. so we assume that each sector employs about 450,000 persons.  The highest paid workers in New York City are Lawyers, followed in descending order by Dentists, Financial analysts, Accountants and auditors and Computer programmers. The median resident age in Manhattan is 35.8 years and the estimated median household income is $78,000.  The median con..more

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