Finding the Right Office Space for Small or Solo Law Practices and Retiring Partners

12-04-2023 | by Neal Lerner


The legal industry is witnessing a transformative shift with more attorneys embracing solo practices or forming small firms. This evolution necessitates a reevaluation of office space needs, especially considering factors like privacy, professional ambiance, and specialized amenities.  The law firm footprint is shrinking and the methodology and use of office space is being reconsidered.

Partner office sublets for lawyersSolo practitioners and small law firms often face unique challenges in finding suitable office spaces. These challenges include maintaining client confidentiality, securing a location that reflects their professional image, and having access to law-specific amenities and confidential meeting areas. More and more, with required retirement age in larger firms, we're seeing an increasing number of retired law firm partners occupying legal office sublets that retain the "big law" feel they were previously accustomed to.

As larger law firms adapt to a post-pandemic world, many are downsizing their physical offices in response to the rise in work-from-home (WFH) practices. This shift opens up opportunities for shared legal office spaces. Renting out surplus office space to solo practitioners or small firms becomes a mutually beneficial arrangement. It allows larger firms to optimize unused space while providing smaller practices with prime locations and established infrastructure.

Renting an office within a larger law firm offers several obvious advantages:

Privacy and Confidentiality: These environments inherently respect the need for privacy in legal matters, a crucial aspect for any legal practice.
Professional Environment: Being surrounded by a professional legal setting fosters a sense of credibility and offers invaluable networking opportunities.
Customized Amenities: Access to variously sized A/V equipped meeting rooms, and support staff can significantly enhance the efficiency of a law practice.
Strategic Location: Offices within established law firms are often in prime locations, providing visibility and accessibility that can benefit a growing practice.

Part time law offices availableSenior partners or retiring attorneys from large firms often seek to maintain a professional office space separate from their homes. Renting individual offices in their former firms or other established law practices offers them a familiar and professional environment to continue their work, maintain client relationships, and offer mentorship to younger attorneys. serves as an ideal platform for finding individual offices in law firms. It's designed specifically for the legal profession, ensuring a user-friendly, adaptable, and efficient solution for office space hunting

The concept of shared law office spaces is gaining traction for several reasons:

Cost-Effectiveness: Sharing office space reduces overhead costs, an important consideration for solo practitioners and small firms.
Flexibility: Shared spaces offer flexibility in terms of lease terms and space requirements, adapting to the changing needs of legal professionals.
Collaboration Opportunities: Such environments foster a collaborative atmosphere, offering chances for professional growth and mentorship.

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For attorneys in small practices or those exploring office sublets, as well as retiring senior partners looking for a dedicated workspace, the benefits of individual office spaces in law firms are significant. emerges as a reliable resource in this context, offering a tailored solution for finding optimal spaces.

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