High-End Boutique Litigation Firm Seeks Prime Office Sublease in Midtown Manhattan

03-07-2024 | by Looking For Space

High-End Boutique Litigation Firm Seeks Premium Legal Office Space in Midtown Manhattan

An established boutique litigation firm, specializing in Employment & Whistleblowing, Client Services, Complex Commercial, and Securities litigation, is actively seeking to sublease office space within Midtown Manhattan, between 3rd and Park Avenues, from 45th to 60th streets.

This search reflects their need for a space that not only meets high professional standards but also places them in the heart of New York's legal and business district.


Total Space Needed: Seeking 6-7 windowed offices for our attorneys and 4-6 workstations for our dedicated paralegals and administrative staff.

Office Sizes: Two offices must be spacious corner partner offices, each requiring a minimum of 200 sq. ft.
The balance of the offices should be sized for associates, ranging from 120-140 sq. ft., including one Junior Partner office with a minimum of 175 sq. ft.

Building Class: Our preference is a Class A building that exemplifies the prestige and integrity of our firm. The building and office space should offer a modern and professional environment, whether furnished or unfurnished.

Additional Preferences: Availability of multiple conference rooms would be of interest as well as availability of business machines and kitchen/lunc-room.  Phone answering capacity would be a plus, but is not required as long as the host firm has a full time professional receptionist to meet and greet visitors.

Special Considerations:  Our firm’s specialization in high-stakes litigation areas underscores the need for a secure, confidential, and sophisticated working environment.

We are looking for a long-term sublease agreement, as we desire stability and continuity in our operations.

The Planned move-in date is July 1 of this year, aligning with our strategic planning and client commitments.

Why Us:  Choosing to sublease your space to our firm means officing with a team of highly respected legal professionals known for their rigorous standards and success in complex litigation cases. Our presence in your premises will not only bring a level of prestige but also the possibility of collaboration and networking.

Contact Us:  Law firms with available space that meets these criteria are encouraged to contact us through LookingForSpace.com. We are ready to engage in discussions and viewings to ensure a smooth transition into our new home that aligns with our projected move-in date and required amenities.  Call:  (212) 986-9100 or Contact Us by Email

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