LAST CALL: 2 Partner Offices Wanted For July 1 Occupancy - East 50's

06-12-2024 | by Looking For Space

UPDATE (June 12):

We are pretty close to signing a lease we don't really want to sign and if by any chance your firm has 2 large offices in a Class A building in the East 50's, we'd really like to hear from you ASAP.  This is a final plea to ask that you   reach out to us (click here)   through this ad so we can come immediately to see your space and let you know whether or not it works for us.

We are 2 seasoned professionals with excellent reputations seeking a serious and quiet workplace in an above standard setting.  Our budget is appropriate for high end space and our experience in the past 60 days has been that there really isn't that much good space available on the open market and we're hoping that this message will reach a firm with "shadow space" that is vacant, but not neccessarily advertised anyplace.  Please respond if you have what we're looking for. 

As a further incentive we will pay half of the commission due to this website if we lease your offices.

Wanted:  2 Partner Size Offices - Midtown East 50's

Secure reliable subtenants promptly:

2 Large Offices Wanted Midtown East 50'sOur client is a pair of senior, established attorneys—who are in urgent need of office space due to their current building being repurposed for residential use.

They require two large partner offices, each at least 175 square feet, and ideally corner offices. (Plus 1 Workstation)

They are ready to move in before July 1.

As a law firm in Manhattan you know that there is an abundance of larger office space available for sublease.  At the same time, there happens to be a shortage of individual office sublets within the premises of law firms in Midtown - hence this request in addition to our standard Offices Wanted Advertising.

Take advantage of today's unique market demand - the budget is reflective of tight market conditions, suggesting a profitable arrangement.

Please reach out to Neal Lerner at (212) 986-9100 or contact him via Email through our website

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