How It Works: Connecting Legal Professionals with Ideal Office Spaces

Welcome to, where we specialize in matching legal professionals with ideal office spaces tailored to their needs. Our platform caters exclusively to the legal community, offering a unique blend of "self-service" listings by monthly subscription and "broker-assisted" listings managed by our team. Whether you're handling the details yourself or letting us manage everything, including the negotiation of rental agreements, we ensure a personalized and efficient search experience leveraging innovative features like reverse listings.

For Law Firms with Space to Share

Create Your Listing

Sign Up and Showcase Your Space: Begin by registering your law firm on Utilize our intuitive listing editor to input detailed information about your available office space, including location, size, amenities, and lease terms. Incorporate high-quality photographs to make your listing stand out. Additionally, specify the practice areas that would ideally complement your firm, whether for sharing intellectual resources or broadening your suite of services.   

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Receive Tailored Inquiries and Explore Reverse Listings

Maximize Your Exposure: Benefit from our advanced matching service, designed to connect your listing with attorneys actively seeking spaces like yours. Take a proactive approach by exploring "Offices Wanted" ads posted by attorneys. This dual strategy allows you to respond to specific needs, enhancing your chances of finding the perfect sublessee.

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Engage and Finalize the Rental Agreement

Direct Communication: Directly communicate with interested attorneys through our platform. Once you've identified a suitable match, proceed to finalize the lease, license or desk sharing agreement. Our experienced team of small office professionals is available for free consultations on any tenant, landlord issues, or inquiries about current market conditions in your city, providing you with comprehensive support beyond initiating and executing the transaction.

For Attorneys Looking for Shared Legal Office Space

Specify Your Office Space Needs

Detail Your Preferences: Begin your search by registering on  Start with your own list that details your specific office space needs, including preferred location, size, amenities, and budget. Our platform allows you to discover the kind of legal environment you're seeking, whether it's a shared space with specific practice area synergies or certain office configurations.

Explore Listings and Post Reverse Listings

Browse and Connect: Utilize our matching service to explore listings that align with your criteria. Our platform provides detailed information about each available space, facilitating an informed decision-making process. There is no charge to view any of our listings and make direct contact with the advertising party.  Note, that in some cases the advertiser has engaged us to respond to inquiries and you’ll hear from us before we put you in direct touch with the advertiser.

For a more targeted approach, post an "Offices Wanted" ad to describe exactly what you're looking for, inviting law firms with matching spaces to contact you directly.  Our “Reverse Listings” offer a unique opportunity to receive offers from law firms specifically tailored to the description you have provided of exactly what you are looking for. This proactive feature ensures that your specific needs are met, allowing law firms with complementary spaces to reach out to you.  The beauty of using both sides of the listing table is that with offices wanted ads you can hear from law firms that are not actively advertising their space anywhere else, including on our website.  This opens a whole world of silent listings giving you opportunities not presented by standard office space ads.

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Secure Your Ideal Office Space

Direct Negotiation and Lease Finalization: Engage in direct negotiations with law firms through our platform. Respond to listings on your own and deal directly with the firm advertising extra offices.

Add more likelihood of success with the other side of the sword and enter a reverse listing or Offices Wanted ad and see if you can get law firms to contact you directly about their availability.  And, as part of the service we will receive the initial responses for you so that we can vet the responding party and confirm the listing before you speak with them.

For law firms that want assistance, choose our Commission Only ads and we’ll take care of all of the initial interactions and negotiations for you.  Alternately, when your main task each day involves negotiation, if you feel conversant in the small office real estate space, you can conduct the entire operation on your own with a monthly subscription ad.  

Take advantage of a new avenue towards success and look at and respond through our reverse listings in the Offices Wanted section.  Reach out to principals seeking what you are offering – be proactive in your office leasing efforts.

Continuous Support: Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond finding your new office, or your new tenant. offers ongoing support and advice on tenant-landlord relationships and up-to-date market conditions, ensuring a seamless transition into your new legal office space.

Conclusion is committed to facilitating successful matches on a national basis, between law firms with available space and attorneys in search of them. Our platform's dual approach, featuring both direct listings and reverse listings, caters to the unique needs of the legal community, ensuring that every attorney finds their ideal office space and law firms fill their vacancies with the right legal professionals.

Join us today to begin your journey towards finding the perfect legal office space, supported by a platform that understands and addresses your specific needs.

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