If you want assistance renting extra offices to others, you can use our “Success Fee” based listing that has its own professional backbone that will do everything for you except you show your own space.  We can:   

  • Write and enter your listing
  • Photograph your space
  • Receive and respond to all inquiries with specific information about your offices
  • Negotiate your required terms and conditions
  • Help vet the prospect
  • Automatically boost your listing, twice each month
  • Promote your listing to prospects making general inquiries
  • Observe your account analytics and regularly optimize your listing

Observe your account analytics and regularly optimize your listingEffectively you can have a real estate professional who understands the small space market, by your side until your offices are rented.  We understand that “individual office rentals” are an underserved and under supported aspect of the commercial real estate market.  Our purpose, is to service the “small and solo” layer of the marketplace, as well as larger out of town firms looking for satellite office space in different cities.  We are in a unique position to bring you prospects and negotiate the transaction for you.

What does it cost?

In New York, we perform this service as licensed brokers.  The charge is $149 in advance for a 6-month listing, plus when offices are rented to someone we have introduced to you we charge, upon occupancy, 10% of the first year’s rent, plus 2 ½ % of each of the 2nd – 5th year’s rent, if the tenant remains in place, on each anniversary.  This is almost exactly what any commercial real estate broker would charge, according to standard published rates, except their full fee would be due in advance.  We allow you to pay us gradually, over time for our success, so that it will be easier for you to pay the commission out of cash flow from the transaction.  Also, we charge no more than any New York licensed real estate broker would charge you (if you could find one that was interested in representing the sublessor of individual offices!)

Outside of New York, the service is offered on a consulting basis rather than a brokerage basis, because we are licensed in New York.  The service costs $149 in advance for a 6-month listing, plus $1000 per Windowed Office, when rented (or licensed) to a party we introduced to you. ($500 per interior office and $200 per workstation or cube

In either case, you are free to make your own arrangements with tenants (licensees) you have sourced through your own efforts, and in that circumstance you have no further payment obligation to us.

For further information about the reach and effectiveness of this service, please call us at (212) 986-9100.  Ask for Neal Lerner and you’ll get a good feeling for what it is like to be properly represented in the rental or licensing of individual professional offices in shared office space.

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