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Your first stop should be your own broker.  Your broker can enter the listing and photos with their information as the contact for inquiries. 

If you need professional help renting individual offices outside of your regular business circle we can provide well informed Assistance to help you get the job done properly, on a Success Fee Only basis.

We can manage entire rental process through it's full life cycle, on a Non-Exclusive basis.
Our specialty is understanding the small office space market for professionals and we can provide a full service experience for those who don't want to go it alone - or those without brokers.

With our SUCCESS FEE based listing, we can handle the entire process for you and do absolutely everything except show your space. We will:

  • Write and enter your listing
  • Photograph your space (in NYC)
  • Promote your listing to prospects making general inquiries through our website
  • Receive and respond to all inquiries with specific information about your offices
  • Set up inspection appointments according to your schedule
  • Negotiate your rent and required terms and conditions
  • Send your Attorney a detailed outline of terms your tenant has agreed to
  • Help vet the prospect
  • Automatically boost your listing, twice each month
  • Observe your account analytics and regularly optimize your listing
  • After your tenant has moved in we offer continuing care throughout the entire tenancy for advice
    on any issues concerning tenants we introduced to you.

You can have a real estate professional specializing in the small space market, manage the process until your offices are rented.  We understand that “individual office rentals” are an underserved and under supported aspect of the commercial real estate market.  Our purpose, is to service the “small and solo” layer of the marketplace, as well as larger out of town firms looking for satellite office space in different cities.  We are in a unique position to bring you prospects and negotiate the transaction for you.

What does it cost?

In New York, we perform this service as licensed brokers.  The charge is $149 in advance for a 6-month listing, plus when offices are rented to someone we have introduced to you we charge, upon occupancy, 10% of the first year’s rent, plus 2 ½ % of each successive year’s rent (or part thereof), if the tenant remains in place.  After the first payment, installments are due on each anniversary. 

This adds up to what all NY commercial real estate brokers charge, according to published rates, except their full fee would be due in advance. 

We allow you to pay us gradually, over time for our success, so that it will be easier for you to pay the commission out of cash flow from the transaction.  

Outside of New York, the service is offered on a consulting basis rather than a brokerage basis.  Please call or Email for details

In either case, you are free to make your own arrangements with tenants (licensees) you have sourced through your own efforts, and in that circumstance you have no further payment obligation to us.

For further information you can reach us at (212) 986-9100.  Ask for Neal Lerner and you’ll get a good feeling for what it is like to be properly represented in the rental or licensing of individual professional offices in shared office space. 



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