$35.00 per sq. ft. Best Sublease In Midtown For A 10,500 sq. ft. Law Firm

Neal Lerner
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$35.00 per sq. ft. in Midtown Class A- Building

The Best Deal On The Midtown Market In Move In Condition. Completely furnished very nicely. Makes a wonderful working environment because of nice design and attributes.

Great (river) views, fabulous sunlight - in a space with:

  • 17 windowed offices (4 are corner partner offices)
  • 5 interior offices
  • 2 conference rooms
  • 12 workstations
  • File room / document preparation area
  • IT room

Suggested modification would include removing 6 large workstations and replacing them with 4 more 9 X 12 windowed associate offices.

This is really move-in condition space. The carpet is in excellent condition and it doesn't even need to be painted Is there a catch? Maybe a little one. The space was designed as supplemental to another floor on which there was a reception area. This floor doesn't currently have a reception area off the elevator lobby and the space in which it would be built is quite shallow - only about 14' in from the elevators - - - - The sublessor will modify the space to construct a reception area, but the catch is that this is not going to be a grand entrance or waiting area...it will be functional but limited in size because there is not a lot of depth.

Now, balance that with a lot of beautiful blond wood accents, generous glass side lights, full height wood doors, high end furnishings and fabulous views and light and you have a winner - AT $35.00 per sq. ft.


Third Avenue - Hi 40's
New York, NY 10022


Part 0th Floor
10500 sq. ft.



  • Space Type Private Space
  • Listing For All Professionals
  • Submarket Grand Central
  • Lease Type Sublease
  • Rent Please Inquire
  • Electric Submeter
  • Possession/Vacant Immediate/Vacant
  • Term of Lease 4 Years
  • Last Updated 03/23/2017


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