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Are you looking for individual offices for sublease by owner?  We connect Attorneys and other Professionals looking for space with Firms and Practices that have extra offices available for sublease.  The site is for Lawyers, Accountants and other business professionals who are looking for individual offices for rent in another firm’s premises.  Our site content consists of paid advertisements – therefore our office sublease listings are all current.  

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Plaza District

150 East 58th St | Fabulous views in class A building | 1 Associate's Office - 1 Workstation

150 East 58th Street 27th Floor 1 Office Room Size: 13 X 10 Price: $2,500 / month
Grand Central

675 Third Ave | 1-2 Large Offices For Sublease In Brand New Shared Law Office Space

675 Third Avenue 8th Floor 2 Offices Room Size: 14 X 15, 12 X 15 Price: Please inquire
Gramercy Park

245 Fifth Ave | NYC Lawyer's Office and Workstation In Gramercy Park Shared Law Office Suite

245 Fifth Avenue 19th Floor 1 Office Room Size: 12.5' x 12.5' Price: Please inquire
Grand Central

300 East 42nd Street | 2 Offices In Brand New Ultra Modern Midtown Office Space

300 East 42nd Street 14th Floor 2 Offices Room Size: 95 sq ft Price: $2,300 month
Financial District

15 Maiden Lane | 1 Office In Shared Law Office Space | $1,500

15 Maiden Lane 15th Floor 1 Office Room Size: 8' X 14' Price: $1,500 per month
Grand Central

Third Ave | Low 50's | 1-4 Offices With Shared Amenities In 12 Attorney (General Practice) Law Firm

845 Third Avenue 0 Floor 4 Offices Room Size: 14x15, 12x15, 10x12 Price: Please inquire
Financial District


45 Broadway 14th Floor 2 Offices Room Size: 10 x 12 and 10 x 13 Price: $1250-$1400/month
Grand Central

545 Fifth Avenue |Large Office In Shared Midtown Law Office Space | $2500/mo.

545 Fifth Avenue 6th Floor 1 Office Room Size: 10 X 17 Price: $2500/month
Grand Central

630 Third Ave | 1-2 Offices In Law Firm With Possible Collaboration

630 Third Avenue 19th Floor 2 Offices Room Size: 225 sf + 160 sf Price: Please inquire
Plaza District

150 East 58th St - Large Corner Partner's Office With Fabulous Views & Light | Tower Floor Shared Law Office

150 East 58th Street 34th Floor 1 Office Room Size: 12 X 20 Price: $5,000 per month
Financial District


30 Broad Street 21st Floor 4 Offices Room Size: 10 X 14, 10 X 12 Price: $2250-$3000/mo.
Grand Central

515 Madison Ave | Brand New Tower Floor Law Office Space With 2 Offices + 2 Workstations

515 Madison Avenue 31st Floor 2 Offices Room Size: 9.5' X 12' Price: $2,500/mo. each
Grand Central

655 Third Ave | NYC Boutique CPA Firm Seeks Subtenants For 1 Windowed Office | Grand Central

655 Third Avenue 14th Floor 1 Office Room Size: 13' X 13.5' Price: Please inquire

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