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About California

California stretches across the Pacific coast for almost 900 miles. The population is about 40,000,000 and in terms of size, this is the 3rd largest state. The largest cities are Los Angeles (pop. 4,060,000), San Diego (pop. 1,460,000), San Jose (pop. 1,050,000), San Francisco (pop. 900,000) and Fresno (pop. 540,000). The state has boundaries with Oregon (to the north), Nevada and Arizona (to the east), Mexico (on the south) and the Pacific Ocean (to the west).

The 5 largest buildings in the state are: Wilshire Grand Center at 900 Wilshire Blvd. in Downtown L.A. (3,711,000 sq. ft. of commercial space), Salesforce Tower at 415 Mission Street in the South of Market District of San Francisco (1,600,000 sq. ft.), U.S. Bank Tower at 633 West Fifth Street in the heart of the Los Angeles Financial district (1,400,000 sq. ft.), AON Center at 707 Wilshire Blvd., Downtown Los Angeles (2,700,000 sq. ft.) and Two California Plaza at 350 South Grand Avenue in LA (1,330,000 sq. ft.).One America Plaza at 600 West Broadway in San Diego is the largest building there (630,000 sq. ft.)

California is known for it's weather and beaches, agricultural production (2/3 of all fruit and nuts in the US are grown here as well as 1/3 of all the fruit) and as the creative center of the television and movie industries (over $50 Billion). Its GDP is more than $3.25 Trillion which makes it the world's fifth largest economy - smaller than Germany but larger than Great Britain. The San Francisco bay area is recognized as a force of its own with a GDP of about $540 Billion (this would be the 19th largest economy in the world). Los Angeles is also one of the largest seaports in the us which combined with Long Beach accounts for about 40% of inbound containers overall. Silicon Valley competes with Silicon Alley in New York for the world's top IT talent, and between UCLA and the University of California, more than $60 Billion is contributed to the economy annually.

For shared professional office space we note that there are nearly 4 million small businesses in California, and these companies employ half of the total workforce. Small and solo practices abound, and this is the sector that most often will be interested in subletting individual offices within a larger firm. If you are looking for space for your small practice you should consider sharing office space with a larger entity that can provide various amenities that you require to comfortably run your business. In a shared office space the receptionist will meet and greet your visitors and the conference rooms can be used as needed. The kitchen and copy center are also shared amenities as well as the IT backbone and phone system - though in some cases, law firms and financial firms decline to allow anyone not employed but the company into their data framework. In these cases, a short call to local providers can deliver in short order, high speed internet, wi-fi and telephone service when the sublessor specifies "BYO".

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