About LookingForSpace.com and Shared Professional Office Listings

Connecting Attorneys with Suitable Shared Office Spaces in Law Firms

LookingForSpace.com offers a free search platform for attorneys seeking shared office spaces within law firms. Advertisers with extra offices available for sublease can utilize our search engine optimized listings, catering specifically to legal professionals looking for a shared office environment.


Our primary goal is to match attorneys with available office spaces in shared law firm environments. The platform is user-friendly, optimized for search engines, and backed by exceptional customer service, offering free phone advice for professionals seeking to rent or promote extra space.

As an attorney, you can find shared office spaces tailored to your practice specialty on our platform. We aggregate the demand for individual office advertising, allowing legal professionals to find available spaces with shared amenities in larger law firms. Our listings can be tagged with the host firm's practice area and the desired guest attorney's specialization.

Designed from a Real Estate Broker's Perspective

With roots in commercial real estate brokerage, our platform offers comprehensive information about small office spaces, equivalent to the materials larger tenants receive from brokers. As a result, users can confidently navigate the rental process independently.

Why LookingForSpace.com Exists

We recognized that attorneys seeking to share office space within law firms lacked an effective resource for advertising single offices available for sublease. To address this need, we created a marketplace catering exclusively to the legal sector, allowing users to transact for small office spaces without intermediaries.

Our platform offers a range of tools and resources for users to promote available office spaces online, catering to the needs of attorneys and law firms often overlooked by traditional real estate professionals.

Office Sublet Listings and Offices Wanted Listings

LookingForSpace.com features two types of listings: 

Office Sublet listings provided by law firms and Offices Wanted listings provided by attorneys searching for space. Office Sublet listings showcase available spaces within law firms, while Offices Wanted listings allow attorneys to describe their ideal office space and connect with law firms offering suitable options. This dual approach benefits both parties, streamlining the process of finding the perfect shared office space.

Transparent Process with No Hidden Fees

Our platform is transparent and user-friendly, with no hidden fees. We offer free technical and creative assistance, backed by a track record of success stories and testimonials. Users can manage their own inquiries, inspections, and negotiations, drafting their own sublease, lease, or license documents.

We charge a monthly fee for listing commercial office spaces on our website, based on your city's population and the number of offices available for rent. Optional broker assistance is also available for users who prefer professional guidance.

Free Search and Support for Renting or Finding Space

Searching for office spaces on our platform is always free, with no obligation. Registered users can access full contact information for advertisers and save their favorite listings. Our team of professionals is available to guide you through the listing process or offer technical and creative support.

With a 10 year track record, LookingForSpace.com helps rent hundreds of individual professional offices within larger premises each year. We can assist in finding or renting office spaces, whether the requirement is for one office or 5,000 square feet.  Discover what our satisfied clients have to say about using LookingForSpace.com for their shared office space needs. We have helped law firms and attorneys across the country, including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Beverly Hills, and Austin, to rent out extra offices and find the perfect shared spaces.

Our clients appreciate the user-friendly website, targeted approach to their market, and the cost-effective nature of our platform. They have experienced success in renting out their spaces, often within the first month of listing. Clients commend our customer service, responsiveness, and the valuable guidance provided by our team.

Choose LookingForSpace.com for your shared office space needs and join the ranks of our satisfied customers who have benefited from our efficient and results-oriented platform.

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