Information For Tenants

Information For Tenants

If you are looking for new space:  

  • It is always free to look at all of the listings on our website
  • You agree to our Terms of Use 
  • You have no obligation to fill out any forms or pay us any fee
  • Each listing has full contact information for the advertiser
  • Contact the advertiser yourself.
  • The advertiser's "role" will be indicated so you know if you are reaching a principal or their agent
  • We're always here to help you with anything you need concerning shared or small office space
    Call (212) 986-9100 or contact our staff by Email

If you have extra offices for sublease:

  • You can "do it yourself" or have your broker do it for you
  • Listings are self entered - or we can do it for you after you send us photos and have a brief phone interview.
    (In Manhattan, on site photography and valuation is included...more cities soon.)
  • Our listings are "Non Exclusive".  We anticipate you will have your own broker or that
    you will simultaneously be trying to make your own arrangements to rent the extra rooms.
  • All of the ads on our site are paid listings - you specify who receives the inquiries.
  • You'll get an account dashboard that allows you to edit text or add/remove photos anytime.
  • The dashboard will also retain email inquiries for you
  • You can remain anonymous (Contact information or Building address can be obscured)...however we'll tell
    you in advance that anonymous listings receive fewer inquiries.
  • You can cancel your listing at any time - but if you rent the space to someone we've introduced in less than 3 months, there is a 3-month minimum due.

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