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If you are looking for shared legal office space including associated services for attorneys, you're in the right place. LookingForSpace.com is a national database of offices available for sublease, that is always free to search, without obligation. Our listings of professional office space for rent are for the most part for attorneys - but a plethora of other appropriate professionals look for, and find new offices in law firms for their business. Many law firms will accept other professionals in finance and financial services or accounting because they have similar requirements for privacy and security for their clients. Some firms however specify that their "offices for rent" listings is for attorneys only.

Our office space for rent listings include unlimited photographs and text from the advertiser as well as the name, company, phone number and address of the advertising party. You can contact any advertiser on Looking For Space with the Email form that is on each expanded listing.

Click Here for an example of offices for rent in law firms in the Midtown area of New York City.

If you're interested in offices for rent in Chicago law firms, Click Here

For examples in Los Angeles, Click Here

For New Jersey listings for offices in law firms, Click Here.

You'll notice an example of a new type of listing for "Offices Wanted" that we are currently experimenting with.

LookingForSpace.com is a hub for individual office rentals primarily being offered on a "for rent by owner" basis. The majority of our advertising clients are law firms, and most of our professional audience consists of attorneys looking for new offices for rent within a law firm because attorneys like to be around other attorneys.

We see some examples of attorneys going to a Regus type situation or even a few WeWork examples, but for the most part attorneys looking for occupancy of individual offices for sublease seem to gravitate towards other law firms. The exception is the "Legal Suite" that is a subset of the Regus type of serviced office space that only (or for the most part) accepts attorneys as renters in their facility. A Legal Suite is a business, often operated by an attorney, that exists to provide office space and services for lawyers. Here is an example of a legal suite with 19 offices on a full floor at 555 Fifth Avenue. This is a high end, "white glove" serviced office space for attorneys.

Other examples downtown office space for rent include a legal suite at 305 Broadway, operated by a law firm, and a
legal suite at 11 Broadway operated by a lawyer as well. Both d owntown office locations offer serviced professional offices in an environment that is favorable for attorneys to interact and generally just be comfortable as a small and solo practitioner in a city filled with large law firms.

As a national service we offer listings in many cities outside of our home market which is Manhattan. In fact, except for Manhattan, Chicago, Los Angeles and Orange County - we have a special offer currently available for law firms outside of those cities. If your law firm is in any U.S. city other than New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles or Orange County CA, you can add a new listing for free. Yes, you can list your space on our website with no credit card and no obligation (other than agreement to our basic terms and conditions). This offer is available as of today, November 5, 2017 and will extend through December 31, 2017 - after which our regular paid advertising schedule will resume for new listings. If you sign up for a new listing before December 31, we'll give you up to at least 4 months of free service. Most of our ads generate significant activity in less time than that.

Some cities where new listings are available for free are:

If you want a free listing for offices for rent in your law firm - and you're interested in attracting attorneys looking for new office space online, just click one of the links above and you will be directed to our "Get Started" page. Click the red button and your free listing will be up and running in short order. (Please understand in advance that at least 1 photograph of your office space is required.)

Now if you are looking for space in one of those areas it should be pretty easy to navigate our site. Just choose your "Market" in the drop down menu at the top of any page on our site, and you will be directed to a page for that city where you can click "View All Listings" at the top right to scroll through the addresses of what we currently have available for sublease in that area.

View All Boston Office Listings

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You can refine your search further by "Submarket" and even office "Type". The default for Submarket is "All" and for Type is "All Legal + Business Offices". You can change both of those settings as required. You can get a few tips about looking for and securing new space on our page entitled "Looking For Shared Legal Office Space 101". Further, because our staff consists of real estate professionals who are dedicated to all subject matter concerning legal office space, we can also answer any detailed questions you have about the free search process and about best practices for subtenants renting or licensing shared space. Feel free to call our New York City main office at: (212) 986-9100 and we'll do our best to answer your questions quickly. If we can't, rest assured we will get the answer and get back to you because we have a
"no question un-answered" policy!...and we're here to help you find new space on your own.

Please don't be shy about calling us if you need help looking for space. There is no charge for that aspect of our service. We are compensated by the advertisers who engage us to put their space in front of you - and our objective is to get every space on our site rented for the advertiser so you should really take advantage of this offer.

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