Renting To Others

Renting Extra Offices

If your firm wants to rent extra offices, you can manage the process yourself or choose to handle it with our professional assistance, and we will provide technical or creative support for entering your listing. We can also guide you with respect to asking rentals and recently completed transactions in your area.  We'll even help you vet the prospects.  A subscription plan is paid monthly in advance and can be canceled anytime after the first month (this is the Do-It-Yourself option).  The commission only plan involves no up front payment and services are provided on a success fee only basis.

Listings appear in chronological order by entry date. You can "Feature" your monthly  subscription anytime for an additional upgrade fee.  Commission based listings are featured by default.

If you no longer want your listing, notify us (by email or phone) before the fourth day of any cycle, and we will issue a full credit.

Create your listing with unlimited text and photos, as well as a comprehensive data section that clearly communicates your offering. Listings are search engine optimized, making them easily discoverable by professionals seeking space online.

Add your listing and get online instantly.

An account dashboard allows you to edit and update your listing anytime. You can also track email inquiries and search statistics to monitor the entire process of renting your extra offices, either independently or with a local broker.

We provide a unique platform for professional practices with extra space for rent. Our service streamlines the process by connecting principals directly. Use our online tools designed for "rent-by-owner" if you feel qualified to handle the process yourself.

If you prefer not to manage the details, we can do everything for you except show the space through our "Commission Only" service.

Whether you do it yourself or have your broker handle it, offers an efficient and effective service tailored to renting your extra space to suitable practices or practitioners.

If you don't want to do it yourself and don't have a local broker, we can refer a local broker familiar with the small space market or handle everything remotely, except for showing your space. We'll ensure showings are scheduled according to your preferences.

Our users seek shared office space with suitable hosts. We can match your available offices with specific professions or even specialties.

Advertisers pay a monthly fee to promote their available offices to an audience of various professional types. Renters can filter results to display a specific profession first. Our ability to isolate space by the host's professional orientation is unique.

Listings for individual offices are structured so that the advertiser or designated broker receives all inquiries. You or your agent are responsible for inspection appointments, sublease negotiations, vetting each tenancy, confirming suitability and economic viability, and drafting sublease, lease, or license documents.

For creative and technical support, call our office during business hours (EST) at 212-986-9100 or contact us by email.

When sharing professional office space, there are usually two options to formalize and document the transaction: office space "licenses" or subleases. In New York City, licenses are more common and do not always require landlord consent.

In NY, an office space license is more pro-landlord in court situations. The main benefit of a license is that it is a shorter, simpler document than a sublease and often terminable by either party. An example of a license document used by one of our NY advertisers clearly outlines the agreement, including furniture, fixtures, equipment options, amenities, services, charges, and rules in plain English, making it easy to reference in the future.  View Sample License Agreement

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