2 Private Offices For Sublease In 2 NYC Law Firms

08-16-2019 | by Looking For Space

LookingForSpace.com provides free to view listings of individual offices for rent in law firms.  Our site is:

  • Available in all major cities
  • 100% free to view
  • Well organized + current
  • Searchable by professional area
  • A perfect tool for attorneys looking for new office space

Here are a few samples of what you can find if you search in New York City:


This space is located on the 28th floor and both offices feature views of Central Park

The offices are available individually or together and there is 1 workstation immediately proximate

The "host" law firm will answer the phones in your name, and good signage is available at the entrance which is immediately off the elevators.

The next offices also have wonderful views


The sublessor has a general corporate practice and all disciplines are welcome to consider the space. 

The offices are 9' X 11' and face west on the 33rd floor.  (Great sunsets)

These midtown rooms are available for $2750 per month each or together with the workstation for $5500 monthly

Both of these represent a small slice of the opportunities to rent individual offices that can be found on our website

If you're on the other side of the table and you have extra offices to rent we have a long track record of success

helping our advertisers connect with attorneys and financial professionals who are looking for shared office space.

We recently modified the site so you can now search by professional area (Legal, Business, Medical) and then drill

down through a list of specialties that are also searchable.

Our listings are very detailed and we've found while they don't result in an avalanche of calls, the inquiries you get will

all be "warm leads" because with so much detail on the site, when you get the inquiry the caller is completely aware of

what you are offering and all the details.  If you want to  ADD YOUR LISTING  just click the link and you'll have your 
listing up and running online in less than 15 minutes.  Also, if you have any issues with adding your listing yourself
we'd be happy to do it for you - call 212-986-9100

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