3 New Shared Legal Office Space Rentals

10-28-2018 | by Looking For Space

When it comes to shared law office space, our website has a national inventory of advertisements by principals who, for the most part, are partners in firms with extra offices that they want to rent.

1359 Broadway - 2 Offices in boutique firm

(one senior partner office and one junior partner office) on the 20th floor between 36th and 37th streets in Midtown, near Penn Station, at Times Square South.

The larger office as two large windows (looking North) and the second office has city views. One cube is available if required.

276 Fifth Avenue - 1 windowed office plus 1 interior in a boutique firm

focusing on core business practices. This NOMAD location is in brand new space in a contemporary suite with a very modern, designed look and upscale furnishings. Choose on or both of the available rooms.

All amenities are included in the rental and this space is near Madison Square and also the Flatiron Building. This is a fabulous location for dining - but just in case we have plenty of snacks & coffee in our kitchen.

295 Madison Avenue - 1 Interior attorney office - $910 per month

value play! This is a great opportunity to establish an NYC location in a good building, that is cheap. The sublease is from an attorney that rents 2 offices in a high end executive suite, and wishes to sublease one of them to another attorney.

The suite operator will approve the sublease, and the sublessee's name and firm will be in the building directory.

Small and Solo attorneys can find relief on both sides of the real estate table on our website. For those that are looking for space we offer all of the information on the website for free - which will allow the parties who are looking to make direct contact with the advertiser of the available space.

Of course, if your firm has extra offices, we offer a unique venue for you to advertise your available offices in a distinct and detailed way that is Google friendly and designed to attract attorneys (and other professionals) looking for space on the internet - as they say in the New York Lottery, "You've got to be in it to win it!", and the same goes here. If you're online with a professional ad for something that is being searched for - you'll be found, and the inquiries will go directly to you (by email or phone).

We have 7 years of experience in the shared legal office niche - and with that experience comes a multitude of Success Stories.

Our staff of energetic, experienced real estate marketing professionals are available to help you with any technical or editorial questions you have while you are entering your listing - or wish to edit it subsequently (which you can do at anytime with your online dashboard).

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 212 986 9100 - and we'll be happy to help you with anything that can aid you in your efforts to rent vacant offices within your premises to other appropriate professionals who are searching online FOR EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE ADVERTISING!

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