5 Cost Efficient Shared Spaces For Attorneys

09-18-2019 | by Looking For Space

There are opportunities to share office space that rival having your own private space and are superior predominantly because of the "Lack Of Hassle" involved in Guesting in someone else's space.  These shared spaces are quite different from the coworking spaces that take up so much of the bandwidth on the internet these days - and they are more comfortable for attorneys "of a certain age"!  While the trend is towards open office and even working from home, more and more, there is still a multi generational cohort of working people between 50 and 80 who need to go to an office to get things done - and also I might add, still need to write things down on paper once in awhile because that's how they always did it.  This selection from our inventory of shared office listings shows space in Midtown and Downtown Manhattan.

Space 1 is located at One Penn Plaza.  This is a set of 3 adjacent offices on the 47th floor in the Tressler firm (Insurance related practice).  This is a modern space with a conference room immediately off the reception area with fabulous panoramic westerly views.  Tressler has 9 years remaining on their Lease so a long term situation would be easy to structure for the Guest tenant.  Also, signage is available in the elevator lobby and stenciled on the front glass door.  All amenities are provided on an all inclusive basis.  Rentals are $3200 per month per office and they can be furnished or unfurnished.  The 3 office combination will include 2 workstations immediately outside of the available rooms.   CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS and to set up a tour of the space.

Space 2 is located Downtown at 75 Maiden Lane.  This is a set of 2-3 offices in a separate wing of space occupied by a Maritime practice.  All of the rooms have windows and they are various sizes and shapes.  The offices are furnished and available for immediate occupancy with good signage.  The entrance is directly off of the elevators on the 4th floor.

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS and to set up a tour of the space.

Space 3 is also located Downtown, at 40 Fulton Street.  This is another space with excellent views (Brooklyn Bridge etc.) and light in a higher end setting.  This space has adjacent 10 X 12 offices with great light and there are also 2 workstations available.  Very nice legal suite with diverse practices represented.  Full service with 2 really nice windowed conference rooms.  Lots of custom wood!

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS and to set up a tour of the space.

Space 4 is a firm in Midtown West at 1700 Broadway on the 28th floor.  This space is well designed with a beautiful glass entrance and elegant reception area.  It features adjacent offices with Central Park views!  The rooms are large and deep:  13' X 16' - and there is a workstation immediately proximate to the offices.  Telephone answering available.  Furnished offices available for immediate occuipancy.

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS and to set up a tour of the space.

Space 5 is a 2,528 Sq Ft sublease from a Law Firm at 60 East 42nd Street (formerly The Lincoln Building).  This firm is relocating and the space has 3 offices and a windowed conference room and space for 2 large workstations and 4 cubes.  It is entirely furnished and available for immediate occupancy.  It is on the 7th floor and looks out over Grand Central Station.  Good light!  CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS and to set up a tour of the space.

If you are a professional looking for space, we've got a very nice selection of shared legal office spaces in Midtown and Downtown.  You can TAKE A LOOK AT THE LISTINGS, or call us at 212-986-9100 and we'll set up tours for you based on your exact requirement.

If your firm has extra offices and you'd like to rent them to attorneys or other appropriate professionals like accountants, feel free to   ADD YOUR LISTING yourself, or call us at 212 986-9100 and we can do it for you.  We'll even visit your Manhattan office to take photographs, value your offering, and we'll draft the listing for you.

Last, if you're not a "do it your selfer", you can get a Broker Assisted listing and let the professionals who do this all day long take care of your space disposition requirement.

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