A Legal Address with a View: Premium Workstations at 271 Madison Avenue

06-28-2023 | by Neal Lerner

The world of law is changing, with the advent of remote work necessitating innovative solutions to new challenges. However, even in an age where digital communication rules, a prestigious address still holds sway. It provides a necessary touchpoint for clients and communicates a certain level of gravitas. For attorneys working from home who need to maintain a professional identity in Manhattan, 271 Madison Avenue offers a distinctive opportunity.

Modern Workstations A full-floor suite at 271 Madison Avenue, currently occupied by a successful real estate law firm, boasts up to four modern workstations available for rent. Each workstation, priced at a competitive $1000 per month, sits along a sunny, windowed area opposite lateral filing cabinets, offering not only a workspace but also a bright and cheery environment.

This unique offering at 271 Madison Avenue stands as an emblem of the growing trend towards shared legal office space, combining professionalism with flexibility. Complementary practices, such as Zoning or Leasing, would find themselves at home in this shared law office space. The synergy of expertise around real estate issues would enhance the sublease environment, making it a vibrant hub for all attorneys present.

The setup is also remarkably flexible, perfect for practitioners who only find themselves in Manhattan for part of each week. In addition to the workstation, the package includes access to conference rooms and a part-time reception service. It's an economically efficient arrangement that offers the necessities of a legal office without the burden of maintaining a private suite.

This stellar opportunity is redefining the concept of a legal workspace, offering attorneys the chance to experience a blend of professionalism, collaboration, and flexibility. In addition to the professional benefits, the location of these workstations can't be overlooked. The building is centrally situated on Madison Avenue, between 39th and 40th Streets on the east side of the block. It's an easy walk to Grand Central Station, Penn Station, and the Port Authority, with superb subway access nearby.

This arrangement also offers a technological edge, as you can port your phone lines and use their phone system and internet. There's also the option to bring your own internet if you prefer. This level of flexibility extends to the storage solutions. In addition to the workspace, each tenant will be allocated a 5-drawer lateral file external to the workstation, with the possibility of extra storage as needed.

Embrace the new age of law practice with this Manhattan law office space, merging the prestige of a traditional law firm with the adaptability of modern remote work arrangements. Whether you're a small firm requiring several workstations or a solo practitioner seeking a prestigious Manhattan address, these available workstations at 271 Madison Avenue offer an economically efficient and flexible arrangement that marries the demands of a professional legal practice with the benefits of remote work.

In a city where space is at a premium, this arrangement offers attorneys the opportunity to maintain a prestigious Manhattan identity while enjoying the flexibility of the new work-from-home norms. For interested parties, Neal Lerner is available at 212 986-9100 to show the space and introduce the principals of the host firm.

Welcome to the future of legal practice: shared, flexible, prestigious. The workstations at 271 Madison Avenue are more than just a place to work, they're a platform for success in the modern legal world.

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