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06-01-2015 | by Looking For Space

If your law firm has extra offices – Advertise Them To Attorneys On Our Website

If you are looking for offices for rent in a law firm – all of the information on our website is available for FREE!

The website functions like a “dating service for offices”. We match offices available for sublease in law firms with attorneys who are looking for space online – and who seek individual offices (or groups of offices) for sublease within the premises of law firms – as well as the associated amenities that generally come along with shared law office space like: Professional receptionist | Managed phone system | Shared conference rooms | Copy/scan/fax machines | Kitchen | File Storage | Mail + Messenger services.

The purpose of our advertiser supported service is to introduce firms with extra offices to small or solo practices who are looking for individual offices for sublease within the premises of a larger law firm where they can take advantage of a commercial real estate platform that is already in place and managed by the “host” entity so that the “guest” can focus on their own practice and not have any real estate or equipment or IT management issues because this aspect of the tenancy is managed by the host law firm.

We have a broad selection of locations with available offices in the premises of law firms, throughout Manhattan and all major cities. In Manhattan it costs only $99 per month for a Standard online listing that gives the advertiser a full page internet presence for the listing with unlimited descriptive text and photographs. The more you want to tell the public about your available offices the better and we encourage long descriptions so that when you receive an inquiry it is a “warm lead” because the respondent knows exactly what you are offering.

So, our mission is twofold

1) Help Small & Solo practitioners find individual offices for rent in law firms

2) Help Law Firms rent available extra offices to other Attorneys

That is all we do…and we do it very efficiently and effectively.

Advertise with us to rent your offices.

View our site for FREE to sublease and office in a law firm

CALL US if you need help with either process: (212) 986-9100

When your firm has extra empty offices, you can sublease them to practicing attorneys and other professionals looking for space online by giving yourself an effective online presence where you can be found. offers you a full page internet advertisement that is designed to be found by attorneys and other professionals looking for space – specifically professionals looking to rent individual offices in the premises of another firm.

If you have extra offices you can advertise them effectively on our site.

If you are looking for extra offices you can view our detailed “offices for sublease by owner” listings for free – and get the full contact information for the principal who is advertising the offices.

Here is a typical example of one of our “featured listings”. A featured listing tends to “float” to the top of the list, and is displayed on one of our monthly email blast that goes out to thousands of legal and other business professionals. Our audience is about 70% attorneys and 30% CPA’s and other professionals. When a reader is interested in your listing they will contact you directly by email or telephone and you have a good opportunity to vet the prospect and determine if their practice would be appropriate as a “guest” within your offices.

Advertising offices available for sublease by owner has never been easier. For a modest monthly fee you can broadcast your offices available for sublease to a broad group of principals that are looking for “sublease by owner” offices, and who will respond to your advertisement on our website. We have hundreds of Success Stories and Testimonials from satisfied advertisers that have taken advantage of our good customer service and our effective “offices by owner” advertising platform.

We invite you to submit your advertisements for immediate publication. We’re actually having a little inventory problem at the moment which is excellent for our advertisers but not perfect for our readers. The demand for individual offices on the site is exceeding our ability to acquire new listings. So, our success and the success of our advertisers is resulting in less options for a marketplace hungry for new listings. This is a great time for an advertiser to add listings to our website as they will experience a very high demand for new offices being offered for sublease by owner.

So, if you have any questions about adding your listing to our website (which I must stressed is backed by humans with deep experience marketing offices for sublease) please give us a call at our NYC Office, and we’ll help you get online: (212) 986-9100. We can even visit you onsite, evaluate your commercial real estate, take photographs, write your listing and enter it on the website…or you can do it yourself online.

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