Assisted Office Rental For Law Firms

11-24-2015 | by Looking For Space

We've had a number of recent success stories helping law firms rent groups of offices to other, smaller law firms who were looking for shared legal office space. We like success stories because they are accompanied by success fees, and we want to make sure that all of the law firms perusing the site know about this option.

We get engaged by some law firms to act as their broker, to bring in a subtenant for their space as well as negotiate their terms and conditions, help vet the tenant, and provide ongoing support and advice during the project. We don't charge a monthly fee for this service, but rather a "Success Fee", when rented. Effectively this is a commission (we are licensed Brokers) equal to one month's rent, when we complete a sublease or license with a prospect we've introduced you to.

Now it doesn't always work like this and we like our platform to be available for all "flavors" of advertisers so if you're the independent type you can actually do it all yourself for a monthly fee only - and you never even have to talk to us if you don't want to. Our new online interface will allow you to add your complete listing and as many photos of your offices as you wish, pay for the ad and launch it online...after about 5 minutes of work. And, after your listing is online you'll be able to edit it whenever you want as well as keep track of your advertisement's analytics to see how many people are actually opening your ad - and allowing you to experiment with different text edits to see what is more effective at driving traffic to your listing.

So, you can either let us do it for you (just call us anytime) or you can be independent and do it yourself - which really is the customer we built the site for. But we wanted to make sure that you knew that even though the site was originally envisioned and built with the independent principal in mind, the opportunity does exist for a more dependent type of arrangement because we have the professionals on site that can help you with the task of renting individual offices to other attorneys. If you want help, all you have to do is ask. If you don't want help you can just CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR LISTING ONLINE.

If you want additional help, here's what we can do for you:

  • Onsite interview and space valuation
  • Office space photography
  • Listing text and entry to website
  • We'll take your calls and schedule showings
  • We'll promote your space
  • We negotiate your business terms and conditions and provide an agreed term sheet.
    (You'll have to draft any legal documents required)
  • We'll help you vet the "guest" tenant
  • We can start the process without disclosing your identity

By offering these services we've taken a class of commercial office space that is largely ignored by brokers because there isn't enough money for them to justify their time, and we've extended the opportunity of credible professional involvement to help law firms with extra offices through the process of renting these offices to other attorneys.

The beauty of our platform is you can pick and choose whether or not you want the extra assistance. If you want the extra help we charge one month's rent upon success as commission for the services provided. If you don't want the help but you do want to take advantage of the exceptional legal office space marketing platform that we've developed, you can do so by yourself, without our active involvement, for as little as $149 per month for a "Standard Full Page Listing" or $229 per month for a "Featured Listing". (Outside of Manhattan where we are developing new markets, the monthly fees are less. Choose your market on the website and click "Add A Listing" at the top of the page, to see your local price schedule.)

Both listings offer a full page professional ad that has been search engine optimized to be visible on Google, Bing and the other major search engines. Both listings give you unlimited text and photos. The difference is that the "Featured" listing gets advanced placement on the list and appears on a random basis on the home page for your "market". Additionally, the featured listing will be presented, at leaset once a month, on one of our email blasts to attorneys.

They both work...but the featured ad is a bit more visible. We have a 4 year track record of success helping law firms rent extra offices in their premises. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at: 212.986.9100 and ask for Neal Lerner.

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