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07-12-2015 | by Looking For Space

The Offer: We've just opened our Atlanta marketplace for individual offices available for sublease - and we need your new listings. If you are one of the first 10 advertisers to add a new listing to our web site's Atlanta section, we'll give you a Featured Advertisement, which currently costs $69 per month, for the price of a Standard office advertisement, which is $39 per month. Be one of the first 10 new advertisers in Atlanta and promote your offices available for sublease for just $39 per month.

How Does It Work? Atlanta law firms with extra, vacant offices available for sublease add their listing to our website to promote the available Atlanta commercial office space to Attorneys and other professionals who are looking for space in Atlanta. The advertiser contact information is in the advertisement and the prospect can make a direct inquiry to the principal who is advertising the available offices by phone or email. The "Renter" arranges the property inspection with the "Advertiser" and together, on a principal to principal basis they negotiate the terms and conditions of the sublease. No middleman. Principal to Principal.

Why Is different from all the other office space websites?

  • We have a 4 year track record with over a thousand listings and hundreds of recorded testimonials
  • Our system has proven itself to work for small law firms and attorneys looking for space (as well as financial, marketing and technology professionals).
  • You can be online in 5 minutes - with unlimited descriptive text and photographs - people inquiring about your space will know exactly what you are offering and who you are seeking to share your space with
  • All of the contact data is available for free - when you see an office you're interested in, you make direct contact with the principal who is advertising the available commercial space.
  • This site is designed and implemented by successful real estate marketing professionals who understand the commercial real estate market by experience. Our principal's career has spanned 25 years representing tenants. We understand commercial real estate transactions and input that knowledge into the design and function of the website. It works exactly the way a tenant needs it to work to find new space, as well as exactly the way a host (landlord) needs it to work to enter an effective advertisement quickly and easily so they can begin attracting inquiries from attorneys and other professionals looking for space online.
  • was developed to provide professional real estate services to an underserved commmunity - small law firms and solo practitioners who need space but can't find (or do not want to find) real estate brokers that will pay attention to them and be able to provide a high level of service - - - because brokers don't make any money representing tenants looking for individual offices.

You CAN advertise offices that are not in the premises of a law firm. Each ad is "tagged" to indicate the profession of the renter. The choices for office types are All Legal + Business Offices

  • Offices In Law Firms
  • Offices In Law Firms + CPA Firms
  • Offices in Executive Suites

Each listing also indicates "Available To" - so the advertiser can express their preference:

  • All Professionals
  • Attorneys Only
  • CPA's Only
  • Attorneys & CPA's Only

The Listings themselves are searchable by Market / Submarket / Space Type - to develop a full list of all spaces in a particular market. The list can be "Filtered" or honed down and sorted further by:

  • Featured Listings first
  • Newest
  • Oldest
  • Fewest offices
  • Most offices

All the user has to do is "Click" on the listings that are of interest, and they will open up to the full page version with a photo slide show of the available offices and general office environment at the "host's" location, as well as a long description of the offices available for sublease, with a highlights section and a map showing the location. Most important, the advertiser's full contact information is included in the listing: Name, Company, Address, Phone, and an email Reply Form (unless they have chosen to mark their ad "Advertiser Undisclosed" ,in which case the only avenue for response is through the email form on the listing)

Our model is based on transparency. Advertisers who are "less transparent" and do not disclose exactly who they are, recognize that in exchange for the privacy the want, they will also get fewer inquiries on their listing because of their requested anonymous posture.

If you need new offices in Atlanta - or if your Atlanta Law Firm has extra offices available for sublease and you'd like to attract small and solo attorneys as prospective tenants, you should consider making a small investment of $39 per month with our service, to give your available offices in Atlanta an instant online presence that is fast, easy and most important, an effective tool to market individual offices to attorneys and other professionals who are looking for space in Atlanta.

If you have any questions about a listing on our website, or if you have any questions about our service - or if you need help adding your listing to our webiste, please feel free to call us during business hours or email us any time. Our office numbers are: 212.986.9100 and Toll Free: 877.918.3636

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