Available Offices or Offices Wanted?

11-01-2021 | by Looking For Space

Do you HAVE or do you NEED a sublet?

There are plenty of places to look for available offices to sublet.  Most are broker oriented sites, but few offer "self service" advertising with a direct connection to the respondents with no intermediary, like LookingForSpace.com.

The traditional model posts listings of individual offices available for sublease within the premises of someone else's professional firm or practice.  In this case, the party who is LOOKING responds to the party that HAS the extra space, and they take it from there.  At this point, both parties are generally known to each other.

The Reverse Listing model is a new way of advertising where the party who is LOOKING advertises what they are LOOKING FOR and the responses come from firms that have extra offices that fit the description.  Interesting enough, many times these availabilities will be from firms that have not advertised their offices anyplace else.  These spaces were not visible on the market anyplace...but the sublessor found the potential sublessee through the reverse listing.  Also, the sublessee remained anonymous until they decided to contact the party that offered the extra offices.

This is an example of an OFFICES WANTED ad posted by an Attorney looking for shared legal space near Rockefeller Center with 4 Windowed Offices, 1 Interior Office and 2 Workstations.  In the ad, He/She briefly describes their own practice and what they are looking for.  Contact information is undisclosed at this point, but readers have the opportunity to respond to the Offices Wanted ad at any time.

Full disclosure, we have no control over who responds, so some advertisers will have to be careful to determine if the respondent is a principal or a broker for example.  This can easily be done with a quick Google search on the root of their email address and if they are responding with a legitimate business email address you'll quickly navigate to their website which should tell you all you need to know before responding.

This is a new way of looking at real estate advertising, and as long as the model is reversed you should understand that the advertiser pays the fee, and in this case the advertiser is the party looking for space.  There is no up front fee for the listing.  Instead, we charge a success fee equal to 2 weeks rent that is due when you move in to a space introduced to you by our service.

Of course, this is a non-exclusive listing and you are free to make your own arrangements at any time with no obligation to us.  We only expect to get paid for producing space that you did not know about by yourself.  We only get paid to add value to the equation.

Further, we recognize that by turning the model around we are asking people to pay a fee who are not normally used to doing so.  Accordingly, not to scare anyone away we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you are unhappy, you don't have to pay.  That's it.  Easy, simple, direct, to the point, and with no gimmicks.

You can take a look at the beta version of our OFFICES WANTED SECTION BY CLICKING HERE.  For further information or help adding your listing you can always call our office:  (212) 986-9100

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