Brokers Use Us To Rent Fractional Office Space For Their Clients

03-01-2020 | by Looking For Space

A Platform You Can Use To Your Customer's Advantage

We'll Take Care Of The Small Stuff While You Focus On Larger Issues

We understand that you have to make a living - and that sometimes you become obligated to perform low revenue generating tasks for a client you've helped through a project where you've earned a nice commission.

Every so often, an important client will ask you to help them rent "a few extra offices"- and as their agent you get stuck with a job you'd rather not spend time on - because you can't be recompensed adequately for your time and expertise because it takes as much time to source a subtenant and rent individual offices for your client as it would to rent them 5,000 sq. ft. - and with individual office sublets you'll put in the effort and get paid for about 200 sq. ft.  We're here to take that burden off your hands.

We can alleviate the time drain for you by sourcing appropriate leads and serving them to you by email or phone.  We'll write and enter the listing for you.  Your client can pay a small monthly advertising fee to us - with no other charges.  When space is rented to a party we introduced, we don't charge your client commission - that's between you and them.  We will market your offering, with your full contact information, and put it in front of Attorneys and other Professionals who are looking for space in a shared professional office environment.

In Manhattan, the Monthly Listing Fee is $199 for the first office plus $49 per month for each additional office (where 1 workstation is included with each office). 

What do you get?... A full page, search engine optimized advertisement that explains what you are offering on a granular basis.  It incorporates unlimited text and photos and if you send us your flyer for the offices, we'll write the listing and put the space online for you, with your full firm and personal contact information - and with whatever disclaimer is specified by your firm.

If you are independent and proud of your own creative work, feel free to email us your ad's text and photos - we'll enter the information exactly how you specify. We can also send you a questionnaire that will allow you to summarize all of the pertinent information we need to generate an effective listing for you.  

If your client does not want to pay a monthly advertising fee and alternately is paying you a standard brokerage commission to rent individual offices, as an alternative to the monthly fee, we can bill you (or them) for 50% of a commission when a new tenant that we introduced actually moves in to the office(s). 

Commission for success would be in-lieu of the standard monthly fee - It's your choice, and we'll help you with equal attention either way.

It's simple and effective.  Our website is positioned to introduce you to small and solo professionals who are looking for space in someone else's office.  Our audience rents space one office at a time and if you have a listing that fits the description of "shared professional office space", we're ready and able to assist.

We have one basic set of rules that is always adhered to: 

  • Your client is your client
  • We will have no contact with your client other than billing when neccessary
  • We respect YOUR relationships.  They are YOURS - and they'll stay that way
  • Our only interest is renting individual offices, one at a time, to small and solo firms - we leave issues concerning larger space entirely to you - that's not our wheelhouse and we're not here to interfere with your livelihood - we only want to enhance it.
  • All we want to do is rent single offices or groups of single offices.



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