Contest + Prize: What Do You Google When Looking For Offices For Rent?

11-14-2015 | by Looking For Space

We're interested in hearing from our readers about what they google when looking for new offices online. We'll report back to you on what our readers think about terms for an effective search for shared commercial office space. We're looking for terms used by searchers for individual offices as distinguished from co-working space, which is a different audience from the small and solo attorneys using our site to find individual offices for rent.

The Prize is a $100 American Express gift card. The award will be made on December 15, 2015 on a random basis to one of the respondents. The winner will be announced in a blog entry on December 16 (unless of course they request remaining anonymous in which case you'll have to trust us).

So, here's the question: "What do you enter into Google (or Bing or AOL) when you are looking for office space? Really more to the point, what is an effective search term to use if you are looking for shared legal office space comprised of individual offices for rent in the premises of another law firm, with shared amenities? Submit the answer for what you search for to: [email protected] or click here to Contact Us (and let us know if we have permission to publish your name if you're the winner).

Some of the most popular searches on Google ranged from 245,000,000 results for "office listings:, to 21,100,000 results for "attorney office space": All of the other terms are between those two results and interestingly in the middle is "offices for lawyers" with 95,200,000 results. (The active links below will refer back to the appropriate section in the looking for space website.)

  • office listings
  • share office space
  • la commercial real estate
  • new york office space
  • office space for rent
  • dc commercial real estate
  • ny commercial real estate
  • offices for lawyers
  • commercial office space
  • office for law firm
  • chicago commercial real estate
  • law office space
  • legal office space
  • office space in dc
  • rent office space
  • manhattan commercial real estate
  • law office rental
  • shared office sace
  • ny office space
  • office space los angeles
  • office space chicago
  • office space boston
  • nyc office space
  • chicago office space
  • office space san francisco
  • attorney office space

So that is a group of the most popular choices from a (somewhat random) group of about 100 different search terms that we entered into the Google search bar. We're very interested in what you would enter into the search engines if you were looking for new offices for rent. Our objective is that your responses will help us improve our service for attorneys and other professionals that are looking for shared law office space online.

Let's look at the most popular search term "office listings"

The first page of natural search results (excluding paid ads) consisted of 10 results that were evenly divided between commercial listing services and real estate brokerages advertising their own listings. We find that most of the people searching for office listings on our commercial office listing service are inclined towards a "principals only" transaction with no middleman. The reason law firms advertise on our website is that there isn't enough commission velocity involved in a single office rental to attract brokerage help that has any significant resources to help the sublessor or sublessee. And that idea was what formed the genesis for the service - people need professional help with small transactions as well as the larger ones that attract professional help by themselves. The small office rental is very important to the small business with extra offices and we believe it is important to offer a resource to aggregate the demand for individual offices for rent on Google, AOL and Bing.. That the way to help people who have extra offices for rent is to provide a directory of available offices that is available to all and not held secret by anyone.

We invite you to participate in our contest to win the $100 American Express gift card. Just drop a note to: [email protected] and let us know what terms you would use or have used to search for new offices online. We intend this to be a continuing series of contests that will help inform the public of the most efficient terms and methods they can use to search for commercial office space online.

If you are looking for space, you can view all of the listings for individual offices on our website for free. Each listing includes full contact information for the advertiser.

If your firm has extra offices and you'd like to present them to attorneys and other professionals who are looking for space online, you can advertise your offices on our website and be up and running online in 5 minutes. Just click here to add your listing (choose your city for accurate advertising rates in your area), or call our office at: 212.986.9100 or toll free: 877.918.3636. We are available to answer your questions about any listing on our website as well as to provide advice on how to construct an effective online listing to attract lawyers looking for space.

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