Groups Of Multiple Offices For Rent To Attorneys

10-06-2017 | by Looking For Space

It is fairly easy to find one office for rent in many CBD markets. However, groups of offices are sometimes harder to find because many firms would rather "bite the bullet" than advertise the fact that they have empty lawyer's offices in their premises. However, if you're reading an article on, we'll assume that you are looking for a group of offices - - and if by chance you're reading this because you want to know how to dispose of extra offices WE CAN HELP YOU - CLICK HERE!

If you are looking for space in Manhattan, we have several interesting listings comprised of multiple offices. Some of them are next to each other, or in the same area. Others are spread out a bit within the premises - but always on the same floor, and always just a few steps from each other.

4 OFFICES - Midtown

One interesting group of offices is at a law firm on 51st-52nd Streets and Madison Avenue - in the heart of Midtown NYC. This is a recently built space that includes 3 Windowed offices and 1 (possibly 2) small interior offices for Admins. This is "swanky" space with a lot of glass and above standard improvements that give it a feel of comfortable luxury without being over the top. Just a nice space. Click Here To View The Listing


If you need more offices, we have a listing at 42nd Street and Third Ave., at 666 Third - where up to 10 offices of various sizes can be made available for a 1-2 year (possible 3 year) sublease. This space has a lot of available workstations as well, if your practice requires multiple cubes. Click Here To View 666 Third Avenue


At 570 Lexington Avenue we have a group of 6 offices (one of which is a large rectangular partner office) as well as 5 workstations and a basement file storage area. The space is on the 19th Floor and all of the offices have bright exposures. Share space with an established IP Law Firm, 2 solo practitioners and a real estate broker. These offices will be available January 1. Click Here To View 570 Lexington Avenue

4 OFFICES, 5 Workstations - Downtown

At 11 Park Place on the 17th Floor, a law firm has 4 glass walled offices available for sublease in a legal suite constructed of recent vintage. The space is available immediately and you can reach the attorney advertising the space directly through the listing. Click Here To View 11 Park Place

If your firm has extra offices in a group of 3 or more - we can help you match your available offices to a small law firm looking for shared legal office space - and it won't cost you anything until you sign a sublease or license with a party we introduced to you. We will do everything for you:

  • Evaluate and Photograph your space
  • Write the listing
  • Receive all inquiries
  • Set inspection appointments and show the space
  • Help you vet the prospect
  • Negotiate your desired terms and conditions

In New York City we charge a Success Fee of 10% of the first year's rent or license fee, plus 5% of years 2 - 3 (if any).

Outside of Manhattan, we're a bit hampered at the moment and we cannot provide photography or showing service - so you have to provide photographs of your space and we'll subtract $50 (fifty dollars) from the ultimate success fee, for each time you show the space to someone we've scheduled an appointment for.

Outside of New York City we charge a smaller Success Fee of 10% of the first year's license fee or rent, only. There is no charge for subsequent years, beyond the first.

Please call us if you have any questions about FINDING new space or about RENTING EXCESS SPACE to attorneys. Neal Lerner can be reached at: (212) 986-9100
or by EMAIL

We're here to help you with all of your small commercial office space needs - and we're a small tenant as well, so we know how it feels and accordingly we treat each requirement as if it were our own.

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