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12-09-2021 | by Looking For Space

Midtown Deal Of The Year!
Huge Corner Sr. Partner Office With 6 Windows Available For Long Term Rental

$3,500/mo. Includes 1 Cube

Senior Partner corner legal office sublet

There is a lot of expectation on the Sublessee's side that they deserve amazing deals for taking space now - but the truth of the matter is that in the fractional office space market there are not as many deep discounts as most Subtenants think.  There are several reasons for this, the main one being that the Sublessors, though having sat on vacant offices for the last 2 years have had 2 things happen:

  • During the crisis the majority of Sublessees continued to pay rent, even if at a reduced rate.  The Sublessors were squeezed out of their profit but if the Subtenant remained in place, they for the most part covered their expenses.
  • For vacant offices formerly occupied by members and associates of the firm.  In this case the vacant offices were really sucking wind - - but the attorneys were still producing revenue to offset the rent cost.
  • The exception for a little while longer will be the Executive Suite providers, which were decimated during the crisis.  Though Regus puts up a brave front, we suspect there is still sufficient vacancy in that part of the market to require continued significant discounts.  The "but" here is that most attorneys will not even consider an executive suite, and will only look at legal suites or fractional space in the premises of another law firm

The point being that this $3,500 offer expires on December 31, 2021. This legal suite had given their existing subtenants a 25% discount during the crisis.  That discount folds up at the end of the year.  New subtenants can take advantage of that discount, but it will no longer be available after the New Year's Eve.

This office can be fully furnished, or left unfurnished as required.  The wood floor will be carpeted upon request at no additional cost.  This is a recently renovated, "fresh" floor in a Class-A building with tight security and good management.


Elegant corner office sublease with wood paneling

These photos show the office in its current condition on December 9th.  Of course everything will be cleaned up and all of the file boxes and personal items will not be present for the incoming subtenant.

The only extra fees beyond $3,500 per month are for high speed internet and phone lines which together run $150 per month.  (Also, copies are $0.15.)  Other than that, everything is included:

Telephone Answering in your firm's name

Full time professional receptionist


Conference room use


Mail distribution

Document preparation area

There is really nothing for you to worry about other than practicing law.  

The variety of practices in this legal suite cover a wide spectrum and one very nice aspect of being a tenant here is that there is a lot of shared expertise and overflow work.  Beyond that there is a very nice sense of camaraderie and somehow a reassurance by being a subtenant of a large law firm...this allows small & solo practitioners to feel that they are "not alone" - and if you speak to a number of people in this suite you will find that this comfort is a recurring theme

Call me at (212) 986-9100 for more information or for a same day inspection.  This is a deal that is not going to last and if you're looking for this kind of space I hope you'll take advantage of this offer.

Floor plan showing 6-window corner office













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