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11-13-2021 | by Looking For Space

Large Corner Office Sublease For A Lawyer

Attorneys looking for space in a Class-A Midtown building should consider this Senior Partner's office for rent in a Legal Suite that occupies 2 full floors and is home to over 50 mostly small and solo practices with a large variety of specialties.

This suite provides all inclusive rentals - just pay one monthly fee and everything you need is included.  This particular office is huge - at 185 sq. ft. and it has great views and light with a northern exposure.  And, in case your practice requires  additional facilities, there is a 3-window partner and a 2-window associate office immediately down the hall.  There is also a workstation and each office gets an external 5-drawer lateral file with overhead.

As you can see in the photograph, there is one side of windows that is partially obstructed by an adjacent glass wall (from the same building).  Some tenants would view this as detrimental, but the truth is that it plays a very important part in the transaction because this oversize room is asking only $4,200 per month (which is still negotiable as we're coming out of the crisis).  This is a very fair rental for an office with this size and exposure, and let's say you could negotiate a month of free rent, the net effective cost would drop to $3,850...and if you had a really good broker, like, you might even be able to negotiate a second month of free rent for a net effective cost of $3,500 - please call us for more information on this one.

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Another important aspect here is that long term leases are easily structured because there are over 15 years remaining on the Host's Lease for the entire premises.  This means that you can move once, and have long term stability without the worry or hassle of making any changes for a long, long time.

There is also good value to be had with the company of others.  I'm pretty familiar with the "goings on" at this location and I see a lot of sharing of both expertise and overflow business.  If you're a small player it pays to have a network of smart friends and the diversity of tenants at this location provides exactly that mix.

Another positive aspect of legal suite occupancy is the ability to expand or contract when required.  Let's say you had a particularly large project that would require an additional dedicated room for a year.  Normally, that wouldn't be an option but at this location you could easily structure a side deal to accommodate this requirement.  It might not be an adjacent office, but certainly it would be a short walk away on the same floor.  (Note that for this type of War Room use there are, from time to time, also interior rooms available for rent.

Over the years, my experience has been that when I move a lawyer to this suite I lose an active client - because they don't move out.  These clients remain friends and colleagues, but unless they have really significant growth they tend to stay where they are and remain stable and happy with the services and the suite.

This location provides telephone answering (also included in the rent) and you can also take calls directly or have them forwarded.  What's really nice is that you can leave specific instructions with the receptionist if, for example, you are out of the office and expecting an important call.  With prior notification, the operator can put the party on hold and alert you on another line - and at your instruction will transfer the call to whatever your location is at the moment.  This is really a personalized service and again, part of the all inclusive rental here. provides a venue for lawyers looking for shared legal office space where they can make direct contact - with no intermediary - with parties advertising extra offices on our site.  There is no charge to the inquiring party and the advertiser has a choice of a plan with monthly fee only, or alternately a success fee plan with commission only when rented to a party we introduced.

We have a good selection of Legal Office Sublets and here are a few other examples you can tour today as well:

1001 Avenue Of The Americas
Large (240 sq. ft.) Office In CPA Firm
$3,000 per month


30 Broadway - 38th Fl (Law Firm)
Small Corner Office (125 sq. ft.)
$2,200 per month


750 Third Avenue - 29th Floor (Law Firm)
Large Partner Office (257 sq. ft.)
$4,500 per month - new space

We offer listings like these on a national basis.  If you're in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco - or any other city with a good concentration of legal offices, we can help you by advertising direct to consumer for you.  You can handle the process 100% by yourself with no involvement on our part if that is what you wish.  Alternately, we're here and available to offer free advice to structure and launch your listing.  As an advertising medium we have to service both sides of the table, so if you have questions about any of the listings on our website you can also call us for more information, free of charge:

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