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12-03-2016 | by Looking For Space

The coworking business model generally does not work for attorneys because of privacy and security issues. Plus, attorneys have not been through a career path that offered anything but a private office at the end of the rainbow. But, is this changing with the advent of alternate officing models?

The executive suite is a flexible model that offers an "office in a box", whereby space and services are provided by the operator in a shared space where the tenants usually have an opportunity to upgrade to additional space when they need to expand, without having to move out of the facility. One downside for attorneys is the lack of signage or identification in the reception area - though often they are indicated in the elevator hallway signage.

Many lawyers feel this type of environment is sterile - though we have to agree that it is becoming a trend especially for attorneys that don't need to come to the office every day. Some executive centers avoid the feeling of sterility with a very high standard of architectural design, furnishings and furniture systems, and decoration. Somehow entering a "high end" environment pulls a visitor's attention away from the lack of specific identity because they focus on the quality and comfort of the environment.

Many executive suites advertise on the looking for space website, and we have a successful track record renting individual offices to attorneys and other professionals in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and Orange County. To avoid the issue of the flux and variation in demand we are seeing some suite operators target a specific corporate niche, to establish a more cohesive and long lived community which will want to stay together in a longer and more consistent fashion because of the inherent benefits of synergy and perhaps economies of scale by aggregating the needs of a specific industry in one location.

The most important aspects of "community" in a shared space are the comfort derived by being around others in your industry, as well as the opportunity to share work and get additional business from the people around you.

Here are a few examples of listings in New York City for executive suites that particularly cater to attorneys and the specific needs of legal professionals:

1) 555 Fifth Avenue (at 46th Street in the Grand Central area) - Full floor legal suite with 19 windowed offices occupied primarily by small law firms and solo practitioners. Full services provided including phone answering. 1 office available for sublease. Secretarial services available (extra).

2) 110 East 59th Street (Between Park and Lexington Avenues in the Plaza District) - 2 full floors. Legal suite with about 50 windowed offices occupied by small law firms and solo practices. Full services provided, including phone answering. The offices are unfurnished. 2 offices and 2 workstations available for sublease.

3) 305 Broadway (Duane-Reade Streets) Downtown. Several different options available in a legal suite on several different floors in this building. Near Courts. This is a Law Office Suite that specializes in attorneys for space and services downtown. The suite occupies 27,000 sq ft. in this building and various windowed and interior offices and office combinations are available.

4) 830 Third Avenue (50-51st Streets) Midtown. Currently this law office suite has 3 interior offices and 2 workstations available for sublease. This is a high-end law firm suite with a board room and conference room, as well as a beautiful reception area immediately off the elevators and a high end shared kitchen.

These are just a few examples of shared legal office space that is available on our website if you are looking for space in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orange County and other major metropolitan areas throughout the US. The majority of our listings are from small and mid size law firms with extra offices available for sublease - particularly to other attorneys, however many of the listings are offered to "Attorneys and Other Professionals", and are not limited to legal use only. Just choose your city and view the listings for free. You don't even have to register to see all of the information on our website - but if you do register you'll get your own dashboard to retain your inquiries and keep the spaces you're interested in organized with your initial communication to the sublessor / licensor.

When your law firm has extra offices available for sublease you can add your listing to our website in about 5 minutes - and be online to attract a broad audience of legal and financial professionals that comprise the majority of our audience. Click Here to add your listing - and make sure your City ("Market" drop down in page header) is chosen, because the advertising fees vary in different markets.

Of course, the website is backed by office space marketing professionals and we are available if you need any technical or editorial help composing or launching your listing. Please remember that at least 1 photo is required. If you don't have photographs of your space you can use a floor plan - and as a last resort if you search your building address online you can simply use a photo of your building. Our experience is that listings with photographs of the office space perform at a higher level than those lacking photos. The readers like to see: Reception / Conference / Offices (looking in from the door frame) / Kitchen.

If you are looking for space and have questions about any listing on our website, we can help you as well.

You can always reach us at (212) 986-9100 or CONTACT US by email and we'll get back to you in short order.

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