Listings Are Free And We Hope You're All Safe

03-31-2020 | by Looking For Space

We're all in this together, and we hope you and your coworkers are safe.

There will be no charge for listings posted in April. (If you are adding your listing yourself just ignore the pricing and enter the data.  When you get to the credit card area just SAVE your listing instead of paying for it.  We will launch your listing for free.)

You can enter your listing online, or send us the information by email ([email protected]). 
You can even call our office at 212-986-9100,
and we will call you back within one hour.  We can do it all for you over the phone as well.

We don't expect a huge amount of traffic over the next 2 months.  In fact, our site views are down by 55%.  But, it can't hurt to have your listing online, especially since they will be posted for free, as people are still looking at the website.

For existing advertisers, your credit cards will not be charged in April (and most likely in May as well).  We will automatically  issue a credit for any prepaid advertising that extends into the month of April.

We're on lock-down like everyone else.  We are confident that after the emergency the market will restore itself.  We also believe that in the wake of everybody being trained by the emergency to work from home, there will be a general decrease in the demand for office space.  Principals, owners and shareholders are going to figure out that they need a lot less office space than they formerly thought they did.

The Covid-19 emergency will lead to a seismic shift in commercial office space use - and I'd wager that in the next 2 years we're going to start seeing commercial to residential conversions in fallow buildings with space that has become irrelevant.  

Landlords that have enjoyed the bounty of the past 10 years will have to adjust to the new reality that is coming.

We think employers are going to implement 2 shifts for their workers in the interest of safety and reducing congestion both on the commute and within the office itself.  This could be 1 week on and the next at home.  It could also be alternating days.  If this schema is widely adopted it clearly indicates that office space usage on lease extension or renewal could be almost cut in half if a trend like this were fully implemented.

Truthfully, nobody knows what this really means for the industry - and how the coming changes will ultimately pan out.  But, everybody seems to agree that change is afoot.  

For now this doesn't matter as most skyscrapers in NYC are empty, but at some point we're going to get back to a new normal.

To all of the Small and Solo firms that use our service we just wanted you to know that we're still here if you need us. wishes everybody safety and good health.  Stay strong and stay well.


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