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03-11-2016 | by Looking For Space

Small and solo practitioners can take advantage of the real estate and IT/Telecom platform provided by a larger "host" firm. At the same time, the solo practitioner can have all of the advantages of being proximate to a larger group of attorneys (social and business benefits), while remaining entirely independent from the "host" or other law firms. In short, you can retain your business independence as a Solo, but achieve the economies of scale provided by a larger "host".

Here are a few new listings from the looking for space website. is dedicated to fostering principal to principal connections between law firms with extra offices available for sublease and attorneys who are looking for shared law office space online.

A good example of a recent listing in Manhattan is at 477 Madison Avenue (between 51st and 52nd Streets). Here the law firm: Sankel, Skurman & McCartin, LLP is offering a large windowed office with a large paralegal/legal secretarial workstation immediately outside, together for $3150 per month. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTOS AND CONTACT INFORMATION

This is a recently renovated space that offers a large conference room immediately off of the reception area. The large office with operable windows is proximate to the reception area as well, and the workstation is immediately in front of the office. At $3150 per month including the workstation, this represents a good value for a solo attorney or out of town law firm seeking a satellite office in New York City in the heart of the Grand Central business district.

Also, well located in the heart of Grand Central, in a newly renovated law office space (the pictures aren't mounted on the walls yet) there is a nice 9' X 12' windowed office available for $2800 per month, with room for a workstation in the corner immediately outside of the office. This is bright space with high ceilings VIEW THE OFFICE LISTING AND CONTACT INFORMATION This space is located at 18 East 48th Street which offers a charming lobby and entrance in a particularly well located building in the absolute heart of Midtown.

Here's a new shared legal office listing in the Chicago Loop at The Marquette Building, offering 2 very well priced offices and a workstation across from the Dirksen Federal Building. The two windowed offices are each about 11 X 12 in the $1300-$1400 per month each rental range. This sounds very attractive and if you want to view the office photos and contact information for this new Chicago Listing CLICK HERE

Here's a (relatively) new listing in a shared legal suite in Santa Monica California at 11845 W. Olympic Blvd.
There is a 225 sq. ft. office ($1600/month) and a 150 sq. ft. office ($1350 per month) with a workstation as well ($300 per month), with Santa Monica Mountain views. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LISTING

As you can see, we offer a wide variety of individual office listings for small sublease space within the premises of larger law firms. This is the perfect way for a small or solo law firm to establish a business presence and take advantage of amenities offered by the "host" firm. Additionally it is an excellent way for an out of town firm to establish a legal presence in a new city - and it also offers the opportunity of shared overflow legal work for either party.

If your firm has extra offices available for sublease and you would like to offer them to attorneys who are looking for space online, please click the "Add Your Listing" menu button at the top of the page and you'll have a "live" listing up and running in about 5 minutes. And, because our website is backed by human real estate marketing professionals, you're welcome to call our NYC office at: 212-986-9100 for any help you need adding your listing or finding new offices in your city. We're here to help you look for space, or look for attorneys who are looking for space.

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