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07-09-2015 | by Looking For Space

You can find various "flavors" of shared office space for rent in Manhattan. We specialize in rental offices available for sublease from law firms. If office space is available for sublease in another type of professional firm we are happy to list it if the space will appeal to legal practitioners. Our audience is primarily attorneys and accountants who are looking for shared office space online.

The market for small, high quality Manhattan office space is exceptionally tight at the present time. Tenants looking for 1000-2000 sq. ft. of office space are shocked at current prices (especially if they haven't been looking for space in a number of years), but beyond shockingly high per sq. ft. prices, the actual availability rate for good small space is about as low as it has ever been.

Whether we ascribe the (good) space shortage to the economy in NYC or to the Tech Boom it has been experiencing, the result has been that many small tenants simply cannot find office space to rent in Manhattan and this has fostered a solid market for shared legal office space.

This means that if you have nicely outfitted and fairly priced law office space with a couple of extra offices, you can benefit by finding appropriate high level professionals who are willing to share your space. But, where do you find them?

That's where we come in! is a "front facing" public website used by law firms and other professional firms to advertise their extra offices directly to attorneys and other professionals who are looking for space - on a principal to principal basis with no middleman.

Yes, you can do it yourself from either side of the table. You can find space for free on and make direct contact with the principal who is advertising the available furnished offices for rent. And, you can rent space to other professionals by advertising your offices on the webite - which is totally self service. You don't have to talk to anybody but the prospects who make inquiries about your space.

We're proud to announce our new interface for advertisers. Just CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR MANHATTAN LISTING and your individual offices available for sublease can have an instant online presence. You can be advertising to the universe of attorneys looking for space in a matter of minutes - and if you're not happy for any reason you can cancel after the first month. But we're pretty sure you will be happy with our service because we've got a 4 year track record of success stories and oodles of testimonials which you can READ HERE.

Please feel free to browse our online commercial office space listing service - and if you have any question about our business model or any comments on our website please feel free to call us at: 212.986.9100

It is simple and effective. If you're looking for space you can do everything on the site for free. You don't even have to register - but if you do you'll get your own account dashboard to keep

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