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01-03-2022 | by Looking For Space

Listings for commercial office space have always been about what's available.  Office sublets from Tenants and direct space from Landlords.  So our website has always specialized in promoting what is available to those with a current requirement.   But, that's about to change in the shared professional office space sphere.

We are starting a new program of reverse listings so folks who are looking for space can advertise what they need - and firms with extra rooms can search through the ads and find a match for what they have available.  We have found this particularly effective for solo attorneys who are looking for shared legal office space in a larger firm.  More often than not, a larger firm will have vacant offices that are not advertised anyplace - they're just sitting there, and this gives the law firm an opportunity to reach out to parties advertising requirements that are similar to what they have.  Further, it gives a brief snapshot about the advertiser and their business specialty, for a first look fit.

Office Wanted Advertising For Attorneys

In this format, the space follows the user...the sublessor searches for the sublessee's who have advertised with just a short office wanted like the example here.

Office Wanted ads explain in short format

  • Where the space is needed
  • The date of the advertisement insertion
  • What exactly is needed from a premises point of view
  • Where it should be located
  • When it should start
  • A short paragraph describing better what is needed and some facts about the person who is looking

In the beta version of this service, we are making it available in Manhattan to work any bugs out in the month of January.  In February we will add Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston + Dallas, and Washington D.C.  But anybody in any city will be able to advertise what they are looking for.

What does it cost?  First, we only get paid when you move into a space that was successfully offered to you through your ad on our service.  You are free to make your own arrangements, in which case we're not involved at all and you owe us nothing.

Further, we Guarantee 100% Satisfaction, and we'd never want money from someone that didn't want to reward us for good service.  Accordingly, if for any reason you don't want to pay - we'll delete the bill and you will have no obligation to us.

Is this crazy?  How can we make any money with an offer like this?  It's simple.  We believe in common human decency so we never fight about money.  We anticipate, based on the deals we've made to date, that the advertiser will be so happy with the result of our service that they will be happy to pay our success fee.  When you are searching for something new, let the "Host" find you.  The target is now passive and the party that controls the availability will be the one to respond to you

How much does it cost when you elect to pay?  We'll bill you a success fee equal to 2 weeks rent in your new offices, which with all things considered is actually quite fair.  We've suggested that you try to get 1 or 2 weeks free from your new landlord who most likely will be more than happy to share the burden because they also had a successful result with our service, by responding to your ad.


We are excited to offer this new service and we're eager to answer any questions you may have about it, especially to reproduce our guarantee below.

"I agree to the Terms Of Use. If I rent space from a party introduced to me by, I agree to pay you a Success Fee equal to Two (2) Week’s Rent when I move into the space. I will inform you when I come to terms with a party you introduced me to.


We think our proposal here is rather direct.  We anticipate your happiness with what we provide.  If we're wrong, our bad, we don't get paid - it's that simple.

We trust just the opposite.  That you'll be so happy with the results you will want to pay for what you've received.  And over the years, applying the same trust factor to our standard Offices Available listing service, we've literally only been surprised one time in over 10 years.  (We're still a little bitter about it because this user really ran away with a full bag - but we only get to be bitter and don't do anything else about it (and now that I'm writing this in January 2022, I'll make a resolution to forget about this single instance now...forever going forward).  OK, enough personal stuff - let's get back to you.

Here's a special offer.  Call us in the month of January 2022 to place your ad, at (212) 986-9100, or contact us by email.  If we are successful, and you move in to an office provided by a respondent to your ad, we'll reduce our total fee to $500 for a successful placement.  In NYC this will result in a savings of over $2000 for most of our clients and at the end of the day we are sure you will feel that it was a small price to pay for a big job well done.

We're really very excited about being able to offer this service to you.  Our perspective was always from the view of the small to mid size law firm seeking to attract subtenants, because there was no venue available for the small space advertiser to find new tenants with a professional, broker level quality listing service.  And now we're going to turn that business model on its head a little bit by reversing the entire process.

And while you're reading about the reverse concept, here are a couple of listings from our current advertisers who might have what you need:

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