Part Time Office Sublets In Manhattan

03-01-2022 | by Looking For Space

Rent Office Space in a Law Firm for Part Time Use

Manhattan offers many options to rent office space but our specialization is providing listings for individual offices for rent in the premises of larger law firms.This article describes how to  attorneys can rent office space in a law firm for full time or part time use, by searching for free on our website, and contacting the advertiser with no middleman.

About Office Sublets

In many ways, your short-term office sublet at an established law firm is ideal. You will have access to file cabinets, printers, copy machines and even computers and internet—all of which will save you money if you need to come into town for just two or three days per week. What’s more, shared office space provides you with professional atmosphere without any of the distractions that can come from working from home.  

Saving Money with Fractional Sublets

Sublets can be great when you need office space outside of your work from home environment. You’ll enjoy lower rentals than on monthly leases and are able to use shared spaces at very affordable rents when part time use is considered. For example, if a partner's office would rent for $3,400 per month on a full time basis, it would be available on a fractional basis for 2 days per week at $1,495 or 3 days per week at $2,250 per month.  Keep in mind, that these are long term transactions (1-year minimum) where the subtenants use the same office on the same days of each week.  The 2 users are never there on the same day - but both of them have the same rights as if they were renting the office on a full time basis

Pros and Cons of Sublets

Subletting an office space is an excellent option for professionals that work from home and come to New York City only 2 or 3 days per week. The main advantage of fractional subletting is that you are only paying for what you need.  Of course, this convenience arrives with a slight premium.  We are seeing bumps of 10-15% over full time prices to accommodate the extra benefit and additional management overhead.

The 2 subtenants are free to work out variations in the schedule but the cardinal rule is that they will never use the office on the same day.  There will always only be a single person on site.

What Types of Companies Need Sublets?

You can share space with other business professional in a cohesive group such as "Attorneys Only", or you can find opportunities available to "Appropriate Professionals" where the co-tenants will not only be attorneys, and you'll likely see a mix of accountants and other financial professionals.  We're seeing this trend extend to hedge funds and venture capital firms as well as startups that have warehoused some extra space for future expansion.

Legal Professionals Can Advertise Sublets Here

If you are searching for law office space or looking to sublease your existing office space, then you need to know about our website. Professional law offices and other shared workspace is available for 2 days, or 3 days of rental use per week. This flexible plan is perfect if you only come into NYC on Mondays and Wednesdays each week, for example. 

How Does It Work?

We will match you with local New York City law firms and help you negotiate your deal. Once you find one that works, you can make direct contact with the advertiser to get further information or to arrange a tour of the office. Our listings are perfect for attorneys who work from home who want to be in an office environment when needed, but don’t need it on a full-time basis. Start your search today!  

Do It Yourself If You Have Extra Offices or If You're Looking For Space!

Our platform accommodates both sides of the table in a self-service fashion with no intermediaries (unless you request one).

1) We help small and solo practices find new individual offices to rent - in this case the party looking for space approaches the firm advertising their extra offices.

2) We help law firms rent vacant offices to other attorneys - per above, interested practitioners approach the law firm advertising surplus space

3) We now offer an exciting new option for "Offices Wanted" advertising.  
Attorneys who need space can advertise their requirement and firms with appropriate availabilities will contact you.  Yes, the space comes to you.  The lawyer seeking new offices remains anonymous until they decide to respond to a landlord inquiry.  This is a Reverse Listing where the party that "Has" contacts the party that "Wants" - and often we find that firms with space they have not advertised anyplace will respond with available offices that are not listed in any venue whatsoever.  You get a customized reply in response to your description of what you are looking for.

Do You Need Help with Your New York Office Sublease?

Our "raison d'etre" is to provide a service that enables parties to enter into sublease transactions with no outside help or interference.  Attorneys process deals for their clients every day, and the logic we used was that if they can do it for their clients, they are more than capable of doing it for themselves - hence we provide a direct pipeline for two way communication between the advertiser and the respondent. 

Are There Enough Fractional Office Sublets?

The concept was pioneered by executive suites and business centers more than 15 years ago.  The issue for attorneys is often the environments provided by suite operators isn't always the best for their image or for forming symbiotic relationships where work is shared between professionals, or ideas are generated by interacting with other lawyers.

The inventory of part time office space in law firms is currently small - it's an outlier.

Given the present state of employees demanding work from home options there are about to be a large number of offices only being used part time.  Plus there are going to be many offices that law firms have leased which will not be used at all.  

Now is the time for a new generation of tenants who offer shared professional office space on a part time basis - but to regular users who make long term commitments to occupy offices on a fixed schedule. 

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