Photographing Your Offices For An Effective Listing (Chapter 2)

09-21-2016 | by Looking For Space

It is not always easy to get good photos to add to your listing, but if you follow a few simple rules you can add effective photos to your office space listing - and they will always help you rent your offices more easily.

First, if possible set your camera to 640 X 480 pixel photo output. This will make it very easy to upload your photos to the website. Then, make sure your lens is set for the widest angle available. Shoot rooms with the lights on and use your flash as well, if possible. Don't point the lens directly at sunny window. Orient the camera in standard (left to right) position, rather than on its side (up and down). Those are a few simple suggestions.

The most popular listings on our website share the common characteristic of always displaying photographs of the following rooms - generally with no people in the office photographs if possible.

  • Reception area
  • Waiting area seating
  • Main conference room
  • Supplemental conference room (s)
  • Common hallway / corridor along a row of offices
  • The available office(s) looking in to the office as well as out towards the entrance
  • Sample view from an office
  • Pantry and Lunch Room
  • Copy Scan Fax & document preparation area
  • Bullpen area or individual workstations
  • Elevator hallway facing entrance to space
  • Office building exterior

If you take the photos on your phone, you can easily resize them in your photo editing program. Many times you'll also want to crop the office photographs to get exactly the impression you are looking for. It takes a bit of time to get it right, but if you spend half an hour taking the right photos and editing them, it will be well worth it in terms of the effect it will have on the audience that is viewing your available office space on our website.

Again, there is no limit to the number of photos you can post to your looking for space listing...we recommend a minimum of 4 photos, up to about 10...but no more than 15. They will be presented on the website in a rotating collage and each photo will have a title. It is very important to add a descriptive title to each photograph, for the purpose of web search and getting your listing found. Adding the titles to the photos is very helpful in boosting your search results.

If you really want to go to town, you can hire a professional to take photos with the right lens and lighting application. We've found, over the years, that our advertisers can do quite well with their own digital cameras and phones - and that with a little photo cropping and brightness control, you can convey exactly what is important about your space and the offices available for sublease.

If you are having any difficulty uploading your photos to your listing, feel free to call us at: 212 986 9100. Please remember to ALWAYS SAVE YOUR WORK before you close the listing or your browser. The system will not allow you to post a listing before adding at least 1 photograph. But you can write your listing and add the photos later as long as you remember to SAVE YOUR WORK before closing the browser or logging out of your account.

In addition to photographs, our office listings will allow you to upload a pdf floor plan - or your rental flyer. Just hit the button in the interface, and upload the file (and save your work).

To get started, go to any page on and click on the top menu item that says: "Add Your Listing". It will lead you through the listing content required, and end up at the Add Photos section. Upload your photos here and they will appear in your listing in the order of upload. After they are uploaded you can drag and drop the photos to change their position (if you save your work after you move the photos around).

So that's about it for Chapter 2 of our little treatise on how to build a better office space listing on

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to speak with one of our agents at 212.986.9100 or EMAIL US for a quick response.

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