Rent Shared Law Office Space For Your Small (or Solo) Law Firm

08-02-2015 | by Looking For Space

Renting shared law office space is an opportunity for a "boot up" into the corporate world for the small and solo practitioner. The beauty of this situation is that it allows the "guest" (sublessee) to immediately occupy space managed by the "host" (sublessor), and thereby completely sidestep any commercial office space, IT, Telecom or business equipment management or administration issues. The host has the full burden of management while the guest has the sole burden of paying the monthly rent on time and being a good corporate guest (where good is defined as fitting comfortably into the existing environment in a manner without friction.

It is actually quite a pleasant change to morph from a dedicated direct tenant into a shared office space user. You'll find that the only difference from an operational standpoint is not having a majority corporate identity on the front door. If you can get past that hurdle, and most of us can, then you are immersed in the full on legal environment that you are used to with a variety of attorneys, practices and support staff as part of your daily environment - just like it was when you had your own space, except now you don't have any management hassles (which is actually quite a relief).

I own and manage, and I am also a client and when I gave up my own commercial office space and decided to sublease offices in the premises of a law firm, my life changed for the better. I was suddenly free from a level of administrative headache that I didn't previously realize had permeated every single day at my old office - as a subconscious demand that was always there because platform management was MY responsibility. As soon as it shifted to SOMEONE ELSE'S job, it was literally a breath of fresh air - a real lightening of the weight on the shoulders faced by every small business owner. I was much "lighter on my feet" as a result of shifting the administrative burden to my "Host" firm's management team.

Every morning I walk through the door (with my name on it) and I smile.

  • I don't have to worry if the receptionist is happy with her employment
  • I don't have to clean coffee cups off the conference room table
  • I don't have to put paper in the copy machine
  • I don't have to figure out why voice-mail is not working
  • I don't have to talk to the telephone company
  • I don't have to worry about a vacant office or workstation draining the bottom line

I don't have to worry about anything related to Facilities, IT, Telecom or FF+E - All I have to do is come in to the office and do my job - and that is really quite refreshing.

So, as a user of shared commercial office space - as a "Guest" in someone else's space - I am a serious advocate of small businesses sharing space with larger entities. It is a much more efficient way to do business and as an evolving trend, office sharing and co-working are both developing into major sectors of the office space lease and office space sublease environments. was developed for law firms with extra offices who were looking for other attorneys to sublease portions of their space. Our listings are generally for individual offices within the premises of other law firms, where amenities are offered on a shared basis. We also provide listings for commercial office space that is appropriate for law firm use - having been built for a law firm and currently available for sublease, or alternately a sublease of office space that has a high percentage of space dedicated to perimeter windowed offices of consistent size for associates, with several larger windowed partner offices as well as conference rooms, file rooms and document preparation areas.

If your law firm has offices for sublease or a separate unit of office space for sublease, we can help you engage with lawyers and law firms who are looking for space in your area. Feel free to call us at 212.986.9100 or 877.918.3636 to discuss your needs. You can always reach us by Email as well. We look forward to hearing from you.

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