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07-17-2015 | by Looking For Space

Share office space with attorneys and other professionals looking for individual offices for sublease and shared amenities that your law firm can offer. Legal office space is very attractive to other attorneys who are looking for space because they can take advantage of your real estate and IT platform on a plug and play basis. Effectively, they can obtain new commercial office space at a high professional level, with no management responsibility beyond paying the monthly rent on time.

If your firm has extra offices available for sublease you can take advantage of our shared office space advertising service and promote your available offices directly to other professionals who are looking for space online. You'll make direct contact with the principal who is searching for new offices and you'll immediately be able to vet the prospect with no middleman involved. All you have to do, to promote your space online through our website, is click "Add Your Listing" at the top of any page - and spend less than 5 minutes filling out the form and adding your photographs. It is simple, easy and effective.

Immediately after paying for the first month by credit card online, in our secure sign out area, your space will be online and visible to attorneys and other professionals who are looking for space. This gives you an unprecedented opportunity to make a public offering in a marketplace where the attention is specifically directed at your "product". All we do is promote legal office space, and other professional space that would be appropriate for attorneys to rent or sublease. Our entire audience is focused on finding the type of space that an attorney or small law firm would find effective for their business use.

Join thousands of satisfied Advertisers and Renters who have used our site and taken advantage of our services over the past 4 years to either RENT space to other attorneys or SUBLEASE space from a law firm. Whichever direction you're headed in, we are available to help you. We can provide advice on any space listed on our website as well as tutor you on how best to structure a deal for your own space. And, we're totally agnostic as far as which space you take - our objective is to foster a healthy community of SPACE SEEKERS and OFFICE RENTERS and it makes us happy anytime one of our viewers shows an interest in a space being advertised on our website. So don't be shy. If you have any questions whatsoever, please call our office at: 212.986.9100, or toll free at: 877.918.3636. is a professional advertising service where law firms with extra offices receive inquiries from attorneys (and other professionals) who are interested in renting shared office space within a law firm. The offers and inquiries are from principal to principal and here is no middle person involved in the transaction. Guest and Host are responsible for vetting each other and putting together the terms and conditions that work for both parties engaged in a sublease or license of shared law office space. We provide the platform for the "connection" and then help you meet each other's needs and requirements during the negotiation and during the tenancy. We feel a little bit like you're spaces are all our "children" and our purpose is derived from helping you nurture the personal and economic relationships that arise around the space and the leasing or licensing transactions.

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