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11-13-2015 | by Looking For Space

Shared law office space opportunities abound in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, and we've already got quite a few commercial office space listings in L.A., however we are always looking for new listings. If your law firm has any extra offices that you'd like to sublease to other attorneys who are looking for space online, we'd like you to learn more about our service which provides an effective and inexpensive route for small and mid size law firms to make connections with small or solo practitioners who are looking for shared legal office space in L.A. and the areas surrounding the city. (We currently have listings in: Santa Monica, Century City, Mid-Wilshire, San Fernando Valley, Beverly Hills, Brentwood and Culver City in addtion to Downtown LA.

If you're looking for space we've got a broad group of examples of shared law offices where you respond to the person who posted the ad and more often than not end up talking directly to one of the principals of the firm. There are no middlemen on our site and we foster direct principal to principal connections, and while there are a few exceptions, about 85% of all of the listings on the website are directly from the principal of a law firm. This means that when you call you are talking to the "source" of the information on the website, and on an inspection you can easily seal a deal with your handshake, and know with certainty that you'll shortly be moving in to new offices.

Century City 2 Windowed Associate Offices 14' X 10' Asking: $1,600 per month each

You can read all of the listings on our website for free. They all include the contact information for the advertiser as well as an email form so you can send them an immediate inquiry while you're looking at the listing. We've had a lot of success over the years and the use of the looking for space website and service has resulted in the sublease of hundreds of individual offices and groups of offices offered by law firms to other attorneys.

We're very proud of our product and we hope that you will consider advertising your offices for rent on our website because about 80% of the people searching for offices on our website are attorneys - and if that's the audience you want to reach you should ADVERTISE HERE for as little as $39 per month ($69 if you want a Featured Listing with advanced placement throughout the site as well as a presence on one of our monthly email blasts.

Class A Building Mid-Wilshire 1-3 Offices Asking $1200 - $1950 per office / month

We've made a good start in California but I'm sure there are hundreds of you out there at any one time who have an office or two that is vacant and if you want to hear from other attorneys about renting one of those offices then we hope we'll hear from you about advertising them on the website. You can add your listing yourself or call one of our listing agents at 212.986.9100 - and we'll get it up and running for you in no time. Just email us your photographs and we can do everything else for you after we have a brief telephone conversation regarding the particulars of your space.

We're here to help and the looking for space service works! Really!

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