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03-09-2016 | by Looking For Space

Small and Solo attorneys by no means have to work alone. In the current real estate market they can immediately take advantage of the opportunity to join their physical location with another firm as a "Guest" tenant, while remaining separate from the "Host". It's really a beautiful thing because a one-person shop can take advantage of a larger real estate platform that is managed by someone else. It's a beautiful thing.

Suddenly the Solo can have all of the amenities that the larger "Host" has set up and manages on an ongoing basis. What does this mean?

1 - Your guests are greeted
2 - Your phone is answered (if you want that option)
3 - The conference room neat, and meeting supplies are available
4 - You can use the Kitchen
5 - You can use the high speed copy/scan/fax
6 - Possibly you have file storage space outside your office
7 - You can share the company of others when you want to.

It's really the best of both worlds. As a "Guest" subtenant (or licensee) you get all of the benefits of tenancy without the majority of the hassles that come along with undertaking the liability of a lease for commercial property encompassing much more space than you need for your own operations. When you're the guest tenant your only obligation is to be courteous to the host's facility and your suite mates, and pay your rent on time every month.

Paying the rent on time every month is an obligation that shouldn't be taken lightly by the Guest - because when you don't maintain this obligation regularly and on time, your host has to pay your rent out of their own pocket. That's just not right and you certainly don't want to put yourself in a position where your host feels you are taking advantage of the situation. A guest should always be polite and respectful of their obligation to pay the rent when it is due, period. That is the basic building block of the guest-host relationship. Enough said!

Shared law office space is available in different configurations where the most plentiful seems to be a single office for rent (with or without a workstation) in the premises of a law firm. Here are some examples:

18 East 48th Street, New York, NY - 1 Windowed Office (9 X 12) - $2,800 per month

299 Broadway, New York, NY - 1 Windowed Office (11 X 16) - Per diem referrals available for Immigration Attorney

477 Madison Avenue, New York, NY - 1 Windowed Office (9'4" X 14'9") - $3,150 per month Including large workstation

1430 Broadway, New York, NY - Corner Partner Office (17 X 20) In PI firm - $4000 per month

These are just a few examples of over 60 active listings on our site for shared law office space in Manhattan. CLICK TO VEIW ALL NYC LISTINGS FOR SHARED OFFICE SPACE IN THE PREMISES OF ANOTHER LAW FIRM

Tune in tomorrow for Chicago Law Office Space.

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