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12-11-2016 | by Looking For Space

The Looking For Space website specializes in small office space available for sublease, as well as individual offices and groups of offices available for sublease or license in law firms. We offer a great solution for attorneys and small law offices looking for new commercial office space. Our model is advertising supported. The party with the extra space pays a monthly listing fee or an advertising success fee in lieu of monthly payments.

The party looking for space makes direct contact with the advertisers, for FREE! We are a Front Facing website, where all of the information on the site is available to our readers. People looking at the commercial office space listings on our website respond directly to the advertiser by Email or phone. In some instances, the advertiser has asked to be the initial point of contact. In such cases you will be directed to Contact Us by email or phone.

One very nice shared legal office space is located at 150 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022. The small law firm in this brand new suite has one large, furnished office available for immediate occupancy on the 19th floor of this Class A office building. The office is 9 X 13 and is offered with an "all inclusive" rental asking $3000 per month. The rent includes receptionist, phone system, conference room, kitchen, internet and copy/scan/fax. The space, which is on the 19th Floor has excellent light with a sunny exposure.

To see photos of the shared law office space and the view at 150 East 52nd Street, CLICK HERE

This is a "cozy" space with a nice quiet working environment and high end furnishings and embellisments throughout the space. If you're looking for space in a law firm and you need immediate occupancy for a partner sized office, you should click the link or call at 212.986.9100

Another opportunity for shared legal office space is located at 420 Lexington Avenue in Midtown directly next to Grand Central Station with direct access to the station from the building lobby. The space consists of 3 offices and 1 workstation in a shared law office space with an all inclusive amenity package - write one check and everything is included...even copies. The offices are in 2 different sizes. There are 2 standard offices that are windowed and they are next to each other. There is also a huge corner partner office that can easily be used for 4 desks, or even a Team Room for 6 seats. This room is 18 X 18 and has 2 walls of windows. To see photos of the shared legal office space at 420 Lexingtion Avenue, CLICK HERE

There is a very efficient small office space at 11 East 44th Street (between Fifth and Madison Avenues). The unit is 1,650 sq. ft. and the reason I'm writing about this commercial office space (private space) is because the layout and measurement represent an extraordinary efficiency because it consists of 3 windowed offices (1 Partner and 2 Associates) as well as a large windowed conference room. This is a shallow space with one full wall of windows. There is a reception area and room for 2 workstations, files, copy machine etc. There is also a very nice, small kitchen. This space is available for a 5 year term (or longer) with a starting rent of approximately $7,300 per month plus electricity. Some free rent will also be available at the beginning of the Lease. To see the floor plan for this very efficient office space CLICK HERE.

As you can see the price of this office is rather competitive. It will also come with brand new paint and carpet (of your color choice). The "catch" is that the space is on a low-rise floor and while there is light, there are no views from the windows other than the neighboring building (except for the conference room which views the street). So there is a reason for the excellent pricing. However if you are looking for an efficient layout for new boutique office space for your law firm or financial firm (or other professional firm) this is a good bet for an office space that makes particularly good use of each square foot that you rent.

Here is a Downtown NYC example at 61 Broadway which is a very well located building proxmate to public transportation - Wall Street - and all downtown amenities. This space is in a building with an excellent, restored marble lobby with good security. The space itself is part of a 15,000 square foot full floor law firm with shared amenities available to the subtenant: shared reception area, full time professional receptionist, 3 shared conference rooms, shared kitchen etc. The rental for the available offices includes high speed internet service that is of sufficient bandwidth to run your own VoiP telephone system (bring your own phones).

This is also an efficient space where the 3 offices (1 Partner, 2 Associate) are next to each other on the Broadway side of the building. CLICK HERE to see the listing and photographs of the offices. Immediately outside of the offices there is a wide hallway / work area - which is large enough to incorporate a workstation (or standard desk with a return), as well as a large dedicated copy machine and room along the wall for at least 4-5 lateral filing cabinets with overhead storage. (Note, the workstation/desk, copy machine and filing cabinets are not currently in place. It is anticipated that the subtenant will provide these items.) The offices are partially furnished with desks, chairs, shelving and cabinets. They will be freshly painted and the carpet will be professionally cleaned prior to occupancy. This office sublease is on the "shorter" term side, with a Lease that expires in April 2018. It is anticipated that the Tenant will extend their occupancy but this cannot be guaranteed. If you are interested in subleasing this space you should anticipate moving out at the end of April 2018. So this will be a "swing space" opportunity that is initially a 15-month sublease term.

If you are looking for space in Manhattan, our professional brokerage staff can guide you to the spaces and sublease transactions that meet your requirements for shared legal office space. We can help you with any listing on the website - and if you are looking for larger "private" office space in the 1,500 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq. ft. range, we can help you with absolutely every space that is available for direct lease or sublease in NYC. We are licensed brokers solely operating on the Tenant's side of the equation - we represent tenants who are looking for space as well as tenants that have extra offices available for sublease in their offices.

Our operational niche is office space for law firms. We help law firms with extra offices by promoting the offices directly to other attorneys who are looking for shared legal office space. Firms with extra offices can advertise them on our website where principals make direct contact with other principals. In some cases the sublessor asks to be the initial point of contact to describe the space and the attributes of the offering. Generally, in these cases, after your first contact with Neal Lerner in our NYC office, you will be introduced directly to the principal or administrator that is working on the disposition of the offices you are interested in renting.

It is free to search all of the listings on our website. We try to offer a broad selection of offices and groups of offices available for sublease. If your firm has extra offices please note that we have had a number of success stories lately and the sublease of groups of offices (in the range of 3 offices / 4 offices / 5 offices or 6 offices - and by negotiating successful subleases for all of these larger groups of offices, we have simultaneously depleted our inventory of available spaces - and we need new listings.

For 3 or more offices we will treat your availability with our Broker Assisted program where we do everything for you.

  • Provide an office rent valuation
  • Photograph the offices and your office space
  • Draft and enter the listing to the website
  • Receive all initial inquiries
  • Describe your space to attorneys who are looking for space and have requested that we assist them finding new offices
  • Attend inspections
  • Negotiate your terms and conditions
  • Help you Vet the prospective tenant
  • Deliver a term sheet describing exactly what the sublessee (or licensee) has agreed to so you can easily draft a sublease or license that will get signed quickly

Please contact Neal Lerner at 212.986.9100 or By Email - and we can set up an appointment to meet you on-site to evaluate your available offices and write the listing. It is also important for us to visit you at your office so we can have a good visualization of exactly how your office lays out - and so that we can accurately describe it to lawyers who would be appropriate tenants in your space.

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