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10-14-2015 | by Looking For Space

Chicago legal office space available for sublease can be found on our website for free. Chicago law firms with extra offices can advertise their sublet space directly to attorneys who are looking for space in Chicago online. The inquiring attorney will make direct contact with the law firm advertising the available offices either by email through the listing itself, or by phone.

When you get a response directly through your commercial office space advertisement on, your system dashboard will retain a copy of the communication for your future reference. You can also view the current analytics for your full page online advertisement and make changes in your description, title, or photographs, as required,

Generally when Chicago law office space for sublease being offered on our website by an advertiser, the "host" firm provides amenites for the "guest" firm, in addition to the office itself. The reception services, conference rooms, kitchen, copy machines (and sometimes file room space) are generally shared facilities that can be used by the guest firm as required - and the beauty of renting shared law office space for the small or solo practice is that the entire management burden (real estate, telephones, IT + connectivity, FF+E, environment etc. is monitored and managed by the host - freeing the guest from the entire burden of commercial real estate, equipment and technology management. It's really a beautiful thing because all the subtenant has to do is pay the rent on time and practice law.

We invite Chicago law firms with extra offices for rent to advertise them on in order to make direct contact - no middleman - with other attorneys who are looking for shared legal office space in Chicago. We promote direct, principal to principal connections between Chicago law firms and attorneys looking for space there and if your firm does have extra offices for sublease we offer a unique venue to advertise them directly to other professionals.

While attorneys make up the majority of our site visitors, we offer a very attractive model for Accountants and other professionals who would be more than happy to rent a nice office within the premises of a Chicago law firm - and you can tailor your listing so it is for "Attorneys Only", or alternately for "Attorneys + Other Professionals". You can even choose "Attorneys + CPA's Only", because you have the opportunity to filter the respondents according to your firm's needs.

You can easily rent extra offices to other professionals using the system. CLICK HERE to add your Chicago office listing. We have a track record spanning 4 years of success in helping lawyers connect with law firms that have extra offices. We are now expanding our practice to major cities across the U.S. Our pricing in different markets is based on demand, so in a market newer to us like Chicago, we charge less than we do in a more mature market (for us) like New York City. Our revenue model is based on a monthly advertising fee where the law firm with extra offices sets up their account online and drafts their own advertisement text and enters their office space photographs. It is a process that takes about 5 minutes, and your ad will be "live" online as soon as you pay for it.

Chicago commercial office listings are currently $39 or $69 per month, offered on a recurring basis where the advertiser can cancel the ad anytime after the first month. The $39 per month standard listing gives the advertiser a full page ad in the Chicago section of our website. The ad includes unlimited text and unlimited photographs and we encourage advertisers to be as descriptive as possible, which tends to make the ads more popular on Google. This ad can be found when a reader clicks the red "View Listings" button at the top of every page. They are displayed in order of submission, after the Featured Listings, and can be sorted by: newest first, oldest first, most offices, fewest offices. Additionally the listings can be sorted by the user according to submarket within the greater Chicago Area as well as "space type" which includes: All Legal + Business Offices, Offices in Law Firms, Offices in CPA Firms, Offices In Executive Suites, Commercial Office Space (separate office space - independent unit).

The $69 per month featured listing

Our system is based on a search engine optimized framework that helps your ad get found. We're very proud to note that if you Google "shared law office space", you'll find in the first page of the natural search results.

The $69 per month ad is our "Featured" listing. It gets the same framework as the Standard Listing, however it gets additional treatment on the website with exposure on the Market Home page as well as appearing in random order on the right hand side of many of our other internal web pages (like the right hand column of this blog entry). Additionally, the Featured Listing will go out at least once a month on one of our email blasts to our readers.

We offer a comprehensive and effective solution to the problem of sourcing new subtenants for vacant office space within your premises. We'll even help you advertise a separate unit of commercial office space for rent if it was purpose built for law firm use. Please feel free to call our office if you have any questions or if you need help advertising or finding shared law office space in Chicago.

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