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10-05-2016 | by Looking For Space

We've had a lot of success lately renting groups of offices to small law firms. In fact, we've been so successful with attorneys who are looking for space that we've depleted our inventory of sublets incorporating 3 or more offices - and we need your listings. If you have extra offices that you would like to sublease to a small law firm we can help you do exactly that. We've got a documented history of success facilitating the rental of offices in law firms to other attorneys - and if you reach out to us, we'll tell you how we do it. Call us at 212 986 9100 or CONTACT US

We've got a new listing at 821 Alexander Road, Princeton NJ, 08540. This is a sublease of 1-3 offices plus 1-3 workstations if required. The space is modern and completely upgraded (recently built) and offers a fully furnished ad outfitted office space for a solo practice or small law firm looking for immediate occupancy. You can call us at 212 986 9100 for more information or to arrange an inspection of the premises or just send an email message through the listing: CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LISTING..

Now, a bit closer to home we just had a second Success Story at 370 Lexington Avenue where we rented 2 offices and 1 workstation for an advertiser that has successfully used our service 3 times in the past several years. We're very proud of the repeat business we get over time, as the tenancies recycle at various locations.

This week we're really focused on obtaining new listings in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. For Manhattan shared office listings we can offer our Featured Listing which is a "Do It Yourself" package where inquiries go directly to you (telephone and email), and your respond directly to other Principals who either want more information or are requesting an inspection. This listing program is based on a monthly recurring subscription. The Featured Listing in Manhattan costs only $229 per month.

Alternately, we can "Do It All For You" with our Broker Assisted Listing. We promote your space, receive and respond to the inquiries, set up your inspection appointments, and ultimately negotiate your terms and conditions with the sublessee you have selected. This is a commission based program that charges 10% of the first year's rent on success.

Please consider listing your extra offices on LookingForSpace.com. We have a documented history of success and we would like to share our expertise with you and help you rent offices to other appropriate professionals who are interested in shared legal office space and amenities.

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