Windowed Attorney's Offices In Brand New CoWorking Space in Jersey City - Newport

03-26-2016 | by Looking For Space

Lawyers Looking For Space can take advantage of individual offices in a brand new CoWorking facility in Jersey City that has everything a small or solo attorney could need in a brand new bright and airy modern space with dedicated individual windowed offices available at $1350 per month - SWEET!


The location at 111 Town Square Place is proximate to the Newport PATH station for a quick hop into Manhattan. In addition to a furnished private office with 24/7/365 access, you'll have access to conference rooms, copy/scan/fax, ultra high speed internet and additional business support if required. If you're looking for space in Jersey City and you're starting a new law practice, this location offers a good opportunity to start your new business within the confines of a strict budget that you won't have to deviate from in order to have the image of a larger firm - because at this location you'll have support available to back you up when you need it.

Plus, you couldn't say more about the positive benefits provided by clean, bright new space - where you'll smile every time you walk into your office because the space is so well appointed in consideration of every creature comfort that the serious business tenant looks for in a new environment.

Jersey City offers access to attractions like Liberty State Park with views of the Manhattan Skyline, Ellis Island and of course, The Statue of Liberty. Jersey City is known for its community of business professionals who want to operate their businesses free of the economic burden that comes along with Manhattan Office space, while remaining proximate by public transportation to clients in New York City. Jersey City has the largest population of any city in New Jersey other than Newark. It has been known since the 90's as a location for Manhattan's "Back Office Space" and since then all of the state of the art commercial development has fostered a real resurgence of interest in commercial office space there so that even small firms can take advantage of new development, and with a location like this a solo practitioner in a single office can find themselves in brand new space in a completely renovated office building.

You should check out the benefits of relocation from the Jersey City Economic Development Corporation which runs programs for businesses that are relocating or expanding.

Coworking is a trend that is here to stay and the new "twist" to the Coworking concept is that more traditional businesses are being attracted to the convenience of "instant belonging". The beauty of the situation from a real estate perspective is that you don't have to "buy in" to the community aspect right away in order to take advantage of a great real estate opportunity. Get brand new office space in a really nice facility - and worry about making friends later if that's what you want to do. Nobody is going to bother you if you don't make a huge effort to become part of the community and the benefit you'll have is that your offices occupy brand new sharp looking furnished space with plenty of company if you are at all inclined to join in. And, if not - just shut your door and do your own thing. It's like a community with an ON-OFF switch. Flip the switch and practice law.

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