Writing A Good Commercial Office Space Advertisement

06-20-2015 | by Looking For Space

LookingForSpace.com provides online advertising for law firms with extra offices. We are a resource to aggregate inquiries from Attorneys and other Professionals looking for space in a shared law office environment. Advertisers (law firms and other professional firms) make direct, principal to principal connections with other attorneys seeking to rent individual offices with shared amenities. Here's a brief guide to writing a good "shared commercial office space" advertisement:

More is better than less: Consider your audience - You're reaching out to an analytical crowd used to dissecting the details. Accordingly, to get through the listing process quickly you might be tempted to start with a sentence like: "3 offices in new law firm space". You'd be better served by writing: "Boutique IP Firm offers 1-3 Windowed Offices in brand new, recently constructed, high end legal office space."

Don't be shy with the details: Lawyers evaluate the details and respond when the facts add up. Your audience wants to know:

  • What are the practice areas represented in your suite?
  • Can you suggest an ideal practice area for an incoming subtenant? Does it matter to you? Will you accept inquiries from prospective tenants that are not attorneys?
  • How many conference rooms do you have? How are they allocated (prior appointment required?)
  • Do you have a full time receptionist? Do you answer phones?
  • Is the phone system included? Is domestic calling included? Is internet included? What type of internet service is offered (bandwidth / provider)
  • Is there a high speed copy/scan/fax machine available (included / metered)? Do you have a postage machine? Is there a document preparation area?
  • Do you have any file storage space available?
  • Are furnishings available? Is furniture included?
  • Does the space have a pantry or kitchen? Is there a seating area (lunch room)?
  • Is part time secretarial or paralegal help available?
  • What is the term of sublease (license) you are offering?

Is there signage available for the "Guest" firm? (Elevator lobby? Reception area? Building Lobby?)

Spend some time with your camera: We take pride in the beautiful slideshow we offer at the top of each listing and we hope that you will take advantage of it by posting some good, representative photos that will show our readers exactly what you are offering. There is no limit, but we suggest that between 4 and 10 photos is ideal. We like to see:

  • Your building entrance
  • Reception area
  • Conference room(s)
  • Office(s) available for sublease (Tip: Stand in the doorway of the office and back up to the point just before you can see the door frame in the photo. Take the first shot looking in to the office. Then, for "alternate perspective", try shooting the office looking towards the door with your back to the window. You can also try a shot for "furniture detail". The ideal size for your photos is 640 X 480 pixels. You can easily crop larger photos after you upload them to your listing.)
  • Common area (hallway, bullpen with workstations)
  • Pantry/kitchen/lunch room
  • Copy center

If you take the trouble to carefully craft your description and set up your photos, you will have much better results with your commercial office space advertisement on our website. It is clear that "more is better" and detailed listings with nice photographs perform at a much higher level than ads that are "thin" in these areas.

If you call our office we'd be happy to help you with some suggestions for crafting an effective listing. Please enter your listing and photos first and feel free to contact us so we can suggest a few effective edits to get you started. All you have to do click "Add Your Listing" in the navigation bar at the top of any page on the website - your listing will be online attracting attention in less than 5 minutes. Good luck!!!

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